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User Arrhythmia Sphygmomanometer in Lahore User Arrhythmia Sphygmomanometer in Karachi User Arrhythmia Sphygmomanometer in Islamabad Buy original User Arrhythmia Sphygmomanometer in Pakistan User Arrhythmia Sphygmomanometer in Peshawar. Shop Arm Type Household Dual User Arrhythmia Sphygmomanometer at Online Shopping in Pakistan. The Household Dual User Arrhythmia Sphygmomanometer features 5 inches LCD display and can be yours via online shopping in Pakistan at .It provides best monitoring of pulse rate and blood pressure. Based on advanced technology sphygmomanometer for household usage and is controlled by hand. The best systolic and diastolic blood pressure monitor is available in black and white color version at online sale in Pakistan.


  1. 5" LCD screen gives you best monitoring of Blood pressure
  2. Includes 4XAAA batteries
  3. Easily portable and weight is 650g


  • It provides assistance of measuring blood pressure level and pulse rate at a same time with so much easy to use methodology as its target position is arm.


  • Keep away from Children.
  • Don’t press it hardly while using.
  • Don’t put it near fire.
  • Handle it with care.
  • Don’t use wet hands.
Size & Weight
Size: 13.8 cm x 9.8 cm x 5.4 cm
Weight: 650 g
General Specification
1. Display = 5"
2. Control Mode = Controlled by hand
3. Target Position = Arm
4. Physical therapy function = Household sphygmomanometer
5. Power Supply = AAA
6. Form Color = White + Black + Multi-Colored
7. Model = N/A
8. Quantity = 1 piece
9. Power Adapter = Without Power Adapter
Other Features
Packing List 1 x Sphygmomanometer 1 x Arm band 4 x AAA batteries 1 x Pouch

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