Full Automatic Intelligent Wrist Electronic Sphygmomanometer Available for Online Sale in Pakistan


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Wrist Electronic Sphygmomanometer in Lahore Wrist Electronic Sphygmomanometer in Karachi Wrist Electronic Sphygmomanometer in Islamabad Buy original Wrist Electronic Sphygmomanometer in Pakistan Wrist Electronic Sphygmomanometer in Peshawar. Full Automatic Intelligent Wrist Electronic Sphygmomanometer Available for Online Sale in Pakistan is one of the advanced technologies Wristband gadgets available for online sale in Pakistan at shoppingate.pk. The Wrist Electronic Sphygmomanometer offers you to check your systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate at home at a 3 inch of LCD Digital Display. The best home blood pressure monitor with automatic pressurizing pump, solenoid valve control pressure provides blood pressure patient an ease to get accurate bp readings at home.


  1. Includes semiconductor pressure sensor and imported chip for 90 sets of memory with data and time.
  2. Available in black Color option.
  3. It supports 1mmHg measurement interval with~+40 C +10 C /40%~85%R.H Operating temperature and humidity.
  4. The preservation of temperature and humidity is +50 C -20~ C /15%~90%R.H.
  5. It’s a portable device and only contains 120g weight.
  6. It is Powered by AAA battery.


  • Offers Clear Visibility of Readings at digital display screen.
  • Let’s you check accurate blood pressure at home
  • The device automatically shuts down when not in use.


  • Avoid using device with wet hands
  • Keep it away from the access of Children
  • Read the user manual first

Wristband range: 13.5cm ~ 19.5cm

Display: LCD digital display screen

Measurement range: blood pressure 0~280mmHg pulse 40~199 times / min

Compression method: automatic pressurizing pump

Reducing the way: solenoid valve control pressure

Measurement error: blood pressure + 3% heart rate + 5%

Memory capacity: 90 sets of measurement data and time

Pressure sensing: semiconductor pressure sensor

Measurement interval: 1mmHg

Operating temperature and humidity: ~+40 C +10 C /40%~85%R.H.

Preservation of temperature and humidity: +50 C -20~ C /15%~90%R.H.

Product features

90 groups of data memory

Imported chip and capacitive sensor, high accuracy, long service life

Intelligent simulation test process

Rapid measurement of systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse

Clearly visible large screen LCD digital display

Intelligent automatic shutdown function

Each set of measured values

Size & Weight
Size: 7.7 cm x 6.5 cm x 4.4 cm
Weight: 120 g
General Specification
1. Display = 3"
2. Measuring Method = Determination of wave
3. Detection Range = 0~280mmHg
4. Pressure Accuracy = ±3%
5. Average Value = 0~280mmHg
6. Voice Function = Yes
7. Pulse Accuracy = ±5%
8. Exhausting Method = automatic
9. Pressure Way = automatic
10. Pressure Way = Automatic pressure
11. Mode Memory = Yes
12. Number of Memory = 4
13. Pulse Rate = 120
14. Arm Sling Size = 19.5cm
15. Air Tube Length = 0cm
16. Powered By = AAA Battery
17. Battery included or not = No
18. Battery Number = 2
19. Quantity = 1 piece
Other Features
Packing List 1 * Blood pressure meter

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