Yves Rocher Pure System Stop Blemish Lotion, 40 ml./1.35 fl.oz.


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Yves Rocher Pure System Stop Blemish Lotion, 40 ml./1.35 fl.oz.

Buy Yves Rocher Pure System Ultra Clean Maskonline in Pakistan at shoppingate.pkfor the ultra clean skin. It is the pore cleansing mask that purifies the skin from impurities and dust. Clean skin prevents pimples and acne problems. It also makes the complexion clearer. This mask is formulated under medical control and cleans the skin in just 3 minutes. It results in visibly clean, healthier and flawless skin and you can see the different with just one time use.
  • Reduces pimples and blackheads.
  • Refines skin texture.
  • Speeds skin healing.
  • Mattifies skin for 8 hours thanks to its formula, enriched with regulating Scutellaria.
  • The Plus: Its oil-free, non-comedogenic formula leaves skin clear and healthy.
  • Product description

    Yves Rocher Pure System Stop Blemish Lotion, 40 ml./1.35 fl.oz. BOTANICAL BEAUTY INNOVATION SALICYLIC ACID + ORGANIC ALOE VERA PULP. To garantee the effectiveness against blemishes and offer optimal tolerance Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research combined: - Salicylic acid, one of the most powerful skin renewal ingredients, - Organic Aloe Vera Pulp extract, known for its reparative properties. Effective on acne-prone skin as well as the residual marks left by blemishes. PROVEN PERFORMANCE - 86% noticed purified, clear skin after 1 month’s use. GOODS HABITS FOR ACNE-PRONE SKIN - Morning and evening, a mild cleansing that unclogs pores. 2- Effective, yet gentle skin care. 3- A purifying mask once or twice weekly. 4- Pretty makeup that lasts, thanks to mattifying textures. 5- Hands off blemishes! 6- Beware of sun exposure. 7- See a dermatologist if symptoms worsen.

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Weight: 50 ML
General Specification
1. Made in France

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