Wireless Lavalier Microphone System Wireless Lapel Mic Micro Rechargeable Wireless Transmitter Receiver for iPhone iPad Smartphone Camera MacBook Laptop Recording YouTube Interview Vlog Video


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Wireless Lavalier Microphone System Wireless Lapel Mic Micro Rechargeable Wireless Transmitter Receiver for iPhone iPad Smartphone Camera MacBook Laptop Recording YouTube Interview Vlog Video

About this item

  • Innovative Solution The AMERFIST wireless microphone was designed to deliver a high sound quality so everybody can hear your speech clear and concise. The device uses a UHF signal transmission that ensures a crisp and clear sound, eliminating background noise.This microphone lavalier can be used for a great variety of purposes. It can be used for streaming, vlogging, recording, meetings, or only classes, offering a professional ambient to deliver your speech.
  • Widely Compatible This lavalier microphone is compatible with iOS and Android devices,DSLR Camera, laptop,desktop PC. For below Android 10 version phone, must use a third-party APP software for audio and video recording.iOS devices have not such issue.For iPhone 6/ Android Cell Phones and laptop with 3.5mm Headphone Port,use the receiver directly.For DSLR Camera,iPad,iPhone7/8/9/X/XR/11, USB-C Android phones,use original Usb-C To 3.5mm/Lightning to 3.5mm Cable (excluding), Otherwise, No Sound.
  • Easy to Use Turn on the transmitter first and then long press " +" key for 10 seconds, the LED screen will display"—" cycle flashing. Then turn on the receiver, the blue indicator flashing, indicating the receiver enters the matching status, wait a few seconds until the indicator stop flashing, paired successfully.(Please Note;Not compatible with Amplifier, Speakers, Bluetooth Speaker).When working with computer,you must choose external microphone mode.
  • Stable Connection Incorporating a UHF transmitter, this cordless microphone ensures a stable and strong signal transmission with no delays or jamming. Also, the device has an extra-long wireless transmission distance of up to 160ft.When interference or noise occurs, please press and hold the volume “—” of the transmitter until the blue light flashes quickly to switch channels.There are 40 UHF adjustable channels.Microphone for iphone is convenient
  • Practical Design The AMERFIST lavalier mic incorporates a 400mAh Lithium battery that is fully charged in 3-4 hours and allows a usage time of 6-8 hours. Also, the model is providing 40 frequency channels for selection. If many devices are used at same time, each device need to be paired with different frequency channel.Please pair the transmitter and receiver first, then set the channel.Recording microphone is great.Lapel microphone recording is useful.

    Product Description

    In order to make the Wireless Lavalier Microphone work normally, please charge it for 2.5 hours before using after receiving the product. If you can't turn on the devices, that means that you need to charge them.For the dual USB charging cable, you can choose anyone for charging.

    For laptop with single headphone port, insert the receiver directly into headphone port of your laptop. For laptop with microphone port and earpone port seperately,you need to use the 3 section output plug adapter to connect the receiver ,then insert to microphone port.For desktop computer and DSLRcamera,you have to use a TRRS to TRS adapter to insert into the hole of microphone port.After connecting,you have to choose external microphone mode on your laptop or desktop computer.

    Due to Android system version issues, phones below Android 10.0 version have to use the third party App software shooting to make audio and video recording with these wireless microphone devices.Android phones above Android 10.0 and Apple phones don't have such limitation.

    What if I can't Pair or no sound ?

    1.Turn off the receiver and transmitter 2.Turn on the transmitter(Lavalier Microphone), blue light is on, long press “+ ” for ten seconds ,the LED screen will display"—" cycle flashing. 3. Then turn on the receiver and wait for the connection. 4. The blue lights of the transmitter and receiver stop flashing, the connection is successful.

    Not support : Bluetooth Speaker, Voice Amplifiers,PA System

Size & Weight
Size: 6.88 in x 5.59 in x 1.69 in
Weight: 136 g

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