Cucumaria Frondosa Sea Cucumber Capsules – 100% Natural Antioxidant – GMO and Gluten-Free – High-Nutritious Value – Natural Immune Boosting Supplement – (Including Frondoside-A)


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Cucumaria Frondosa Sea Cucumber Capsules – 100% Natural Antioxidant – GMO and Gluten-Free – High-Nutritious Value – Natural Immune Boosting Supplement – (Including Frondoside-A)

  • Natural Sourced: These super natural supplement capsules are manufactured from 100% pure and original wild sea cucumber from north Atlantic Cucumaria. The natural sea cucumber grows on the ocean floor at 200+ feet depth.
  • Premium Quality: Our sea cucumber capsules are prepared following the highest-quality standards to provide our customers with a premium quality product. The natural antioxidant is preserved in its original form so that you can obtain maximum benefits from it.
  • Boost Immunity: The pure and natural frondoside present in these supplements is highly effective in protecting against harmful cells.
  • High-Nutritious Value: The organic supplement is full of vitamins and minerals beneficial for the human body. With minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, B1, B2, and various other beneficial nutrients, it acts as a natural immune system booster.
  • Healthy Benefits: These immunity-boosting vitamins act as an anti-thrombotic, anti-fatigue, and anti-aging agent and improves your skin health. The frondoside-A rich capsules are a popular supplement to help in conditions like hypertension, arthritis, inflammation, etc.

Product description

  • Do you feel like your diet does not have adequate nutritious value? Looking for some supplement that can fulfill the required nutritious levels and boost your immunity system?

    These natural Cucumaria Frondosa Sea Cucumber Capsules can help you with that and much more.

    Natural Supplement:
    The organic supplement is extracted from natural wild cucumaria frondosa sea cucumber grown in the 200+ feet deep ocean floor of the North Atlantic Ocean. The sea cucumber this carefully extracted and processed through the highest quality procedures to provide you with the perfect immune boosting supplement.

    Various Benefits:
    The super natural sea cucumber supplement contains various nutrients that have essential medical significance. This antioxidant supplement enhances blood circulation and boosts immune system. These natural capsules serve as an antioxidant and anti-thrombotic agent. The immune builder supplement capsules act against hypertension, inflammation, arthritis, thrombotic, and promotes joint health.

    Safe and Natural:
    What could be better than some naturally extracted supplements that you can use without worrying about the side effects? This natural antioxidant supplement is free from any harmful ingredients like artificial colors, chemicals, gluten, etc. so that you can have a healthy immune system without having any side effects.

    Add to your cart to order today and forget about all your worries.

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Size: 2.9 in x 2.9 in x 2.5 in
Weight: 3.99 oz

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