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Vibro Shape Slimming Belt Available at Online Sale in Pakistan

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Vibro Shape Slimming Belt Available at Online Sale in Pakistan. Have slim and attractive body figure with the use of Vibro Shape Slimming Belt. It is available for online sale in Pakistan at shoppingate.pk permits you shape your body parts without hard training and exercise sessions. It includes a special designed massage feature that improves the blood circulation in the body and lets the body parts including abs, thighs, hip and shoulders to lose weight effectively.


  1. The Vibro Shape Slimming Belt offers heat massage of the body for breaking down the fat deposits and turning the fat into fatty acids that flush out from the body through sweating.
  2. Its heat massage and vibration works to lose weight while you sit on the chair.
  3. Not only reduces weight but also delivers calmness to tired body muscles.


  • You can use the Vibro Shape Slimming Belt on the different body parts while watching TV, cooking and doing chit chat to your family.
  • You don’t not need to do exercise while using the sliming belt.
  • You twice a day daily.


  • Read the user manual carefully.
  • Keep it away from the reach of children.

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