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In this pack you will get 1 Pack Of 24 Tablets. Female vagina tightening products can help them in maintaining vaginal health. Decreasing vaginal dryness is linked to loss of stamina among females. Tightness of vagina has impact on quality of lovemaking. Vg-3 tablets are popular among women for maintaining healthy state of the vagina. It restores elasticity and strength through contracting muscles in genital wall. Key features: 1. Natural extracts are being used to develop Vg-3 tablets. 2. Daily use of the tablet can bring back the lost strength of vaginal area. 3. The wall and muscles of passage receives a harmless boost. 4. Any type of unwanted white discharge can be limited. 5. The urge to meet with the partner comes back in an enthusiastic way by stimulating organ mechanism system. 6. VG-3 tablet works as the booster of libido in women also. It nurtures the sensation by creating positive impact. 7. The presence of bacteria, fungi and irritation can be solved in a desired way. 8. The embarrassing foul smell of the passage can be minimized. 9. There are no side effects in using the capsule. 10. 100 percent ayurvedic properties are used to manufacture the vagina tightening tablets. Ingredients in this herbal supplement are Suhaga, Quercus Infectoria, Juhi, Gulab and Argilla Vitriolutum. All these herbs have been in use for several centuries to cure vaginal problems. Direction for Usage: Insert one tablet into the genital passage half an hour before going to bed daily. Wash it after 2 hours or in the morning. The tablet will dissolve soon after inserting it.

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