SmartyPants Women's Formula Gummy Multivitamins, 180 Count (30 Day Supply) (WC180)


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SmartyPants Women's Formula Gummy Multivitamins, 180 Count (30 Day Supply) (WC180)About this item

  • Women's Formula with new extra premium ingredients, all in one delicious serving: Beta Carotene, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K2 & Choline (Packaging May Vary).
  • Non-GMO. Free of milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nut allergens, fish allergens, shellfish, soy, gluten and wheat. No synthetic colors or artificial sweeteners/flavors. 3RD PARTY LAB TESTED. No refrigeration required
  • For adult women, take six (6) gummies daily with or without food. No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Gummy multivitamins for women with Biotin to help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails and iodine for thyroid support.*
  • 17 essential nutrients: vitamin D3 for immune health, vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) for energy, omega-3 EPA & DHA (from fish oil), CoQ10 for heart health, vitamin K for bones, vitamin E for antioxidant support.*
  • From the manufacturer

    The SmartyPants Difference


    Premium Ingredients

    Our science-based formulas deliver the highest-quality vitamins and essential nutrients available in forms that your body prefers and can easily use. So you get more of the nutrients you want - all in one easy serving.



    Lemon and blueberry and orange, oh my! We make our gummies extra yummy by using all-natural flavors from sources like spices, fruits, vegetables and/or herbs. No synthetic colors, artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners.*

    *Claims verified by Regulatory Affairs, 2019.

    no junk

    Free Of

    We use what's best for your body without any icky stuff. Our formulas are non-GMOgluten-free and free of milk, eggs, shellfish, soy, peanuts, wheat, fish allergens and tree nut allergens.* This formula also received the Clean Label Project's Purity Award, the highest overall rating for product purity and value.

    *Claims verified by Regulatory Affairs, 2019.

    Because science never sleeps...

    Neither does our in-house team of nutritional scientists. We’re always learning, growing and innovating to create the best multifunctional supplements for your health - made with the most premium ingredients.

    To ensure our formulas can help offer a number of health benefits and fill a range of nutritional gaps, we base them on the latest science, current dietary patterns and recommendations from the Health and Medicine Division of the National Academies of Sciences (formerly the Institute of Medicine) and our Scientific Advisory board. That's the smarter way to healthier.


    Targeted Nutrition for Women

    Just like you, our Women's Formula is an expert multitasker

    We use extra premium ingredients and essential nutrients carefully-selected for women to deliver omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA & DHA) from fish oil and support for your immune, energy, heart, bone health and more - all in one extra yummy serving.*

    Plus, we use nutrients in their premium forms to help your body work smarter for a happier and healthier you.

    Because we know you’re flawless, but your diet probably isn’t. When it comes to good nutrition, we’ve got this!

    Our Superstar Ingredients



    When it's time to seas the day, we source our omega-3s (balanced EPA & DHA) from sustainable stocks of wild-caught small fish including anchovies, sardines, herring and mackerel.

    vitamin d

    Vitamin D3

    Let the sun shine in with vitamin D3 to support your immune health. We include vitamin D in the premium form D3 because it's what your body prefers and can easily use.*

    vitamin b12

    Vitamin B12

    You’ve got the power! Because we include vitamin B12 in the premium form methylcobalamin to support energy production. It's the body’s preferred form of this B vitamin.*

    Vitamin K

    No bones about it. We include vitamin K in the premium forms K1 and K2 (MK7) for your bone health. Vitamin K helps your body utilize the calcium and magnesium you’re getting from your diet to support strong bones.*


    Life takes heart. But the amount of CoQ10 your body produces can decrease with age. So we include CoQ10 to support cardiovascular health for women.**

    Vitamin C

    When it comes to antioxidants, our upgraded formula is high in vitamin C for the maintenance of good health and to help fight cell damage caused by free radicals.*

    Vitamin A

    Be visionary. We include vitamin A as a 50/50 Beta-Carotene/Retinyl Palmitate mix to support eyesight. With this premium form your body will only convert beta carotene to vitamin A, based on your individual levels.*


    When’s the last time you thought about your liver health? We’ve got you covered with choline. We include this essential nutrient as VitaCholine,** a premium, synthetic form to support liver function.*

    Product description

    Flavor:Womens Complete

    Women's Complete 180 GummyProduct DescriptionBecause you're not just a single category or a function. Because you're not just Sleep or Beauty or Stress or Energy or Bones. You're much more than that. You're all in one. And so are we. Gluten Free & Casein Free. No synthetic colors, flavors, or preservatives.Excellent source of vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B6, B12, B5, niacin, biotin, and iodine. Suggested Use As a dietary supplement For adult women, take six (6) Gummies daily. May be taken with or without food. Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Supplement FactsServing Size: 6 GummiesServings Per Container: 30Amount Per Serving% Daily Value Calories50CholesterolTotal CarbohydratesSugars7 g Vitamin A (as retinyl palmitate)1500 IU30%Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)60 mg100%Vitamin D (Vitamin D-3 as cholecalciferol)1000 IU250%Vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopherol from sunflower oil)30 IU100%Vitamin K (Vitamin K-2 as menaquinone-7)32 mcg40%Thiamin (Vitamin B-1 as thiamine mononitrate)0.08 mg5%Riboflavin0.26 mg15%Niacin (Vitamin B-3 as niacinamide)4 mg20%Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine HCl)2 mg100%Folate (as L-methylfolate, calcium salt)400 mg100%Vitamin B-12 (as methylcobalamin)100 mcg1667%Biotin300 mcg100%Pantothenic acid (as calcium D-pantothenate)10 mg100%Iodine (as potassium iodide)150 mcg100%Zinc (as zinc citrate)4.5 mg30%Sodium25 mgFish Oil (from anchovy and sardine)510 mg EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)83 mgDHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)67 mgTotal Omega-3 Fatty Acids183 mgCoQ10 (as Coenzyme Q10, ubiquinone)100 mg Inositol30 mcg Choline (as choline citrate)18 mg . Daily Value Not Established. Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Other Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, gelatin, pectin, citric acid, natural flavors (orange, lemon creme, blueberry), colors added (organic black carrot juice concentrate, annatto, organic turmeric), fraction

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Weight: 1 lb

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