Smart Touch Hair Removal Cream For Men Body Hair Removal Cream

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Smart Touch Hair Removal Cream For Men Body Hair Removal CreamM

Size & Weight
Size: 4.0 in x 3.5 in x 3.5 in
Weight: 125.00 g
Aman 08/04/2020

It seems to be just what I expected. I have only tested small areas but smart touch cream worked great.

Azaan 05/03/2020

is really good and it works well.

Zaroon 04/01/2020

Very lovely. I like it. It’s smooth and easily shaves without the need for razors.

Azaam 20/12/2019

I was super hesitant to use in my private areas but it works! No itching, no bad reaction. A small amount goes a long way too! Highly recommend smart touch hair removal cream!

Shoaib 31/10/2019

Smart touch cream works wonderful.

Zeeshan 26/09/2019

I just get this product today and put some of it on my back to this product truly works. The aloe alone is truly great and amazing. If you have a lot of hair you want to get rid off your body, this is the product to use.

Farhan 15/08/2019

Smart touch hair removal cream works amazing.

Uzair 05/07/2019

I am grateful that I did because it is effective. Easy to use, leave for 7-10 minutes. Smart touch cream works wonderfully and will buy this product again.

Abaan 11/06/2019

Not harsh on skin like similar products. Smart touch hair removal cream works well on sensitive areas. Only downside is small amount of product.

Junaid 19/05/2019

Smart touch cream moisturizes my skin too, so it's not all dried up and sensitive afterwards. Easy to use, good quality, I'd recommend.

Abdullah 19/02/2019

Smart touch hair removal works great.

Awais 13/01/2019

I didn't have any issues with smart touch cream product. Only thing that I feel like is that I have to wait longer than the time they say to have it on for because 15 min doesn't get all there hairs off. I had to apply the product 2-3 times but that still didn't get all my hair off. It's not as strong as other products I've used so it didn't burn my skin.

Nabeel 28/12/2018

This stuff is crazy. Hair has been gone well over a month, what is growing back is coming back thinner. Took 10 minutes and wiped it off with a rag in the shower. My hair is coarse with sensitive skin and it took the thick coarse hair and didn’t hurt my skin.

Aaron 31/10/2018

Smart touch hair removal cream is easy to use, very effective, and sensitive for skin. i bought different cream in the past but let me tell you this is the only one im buying from now on.

Taimoor 13/06/2018

Smart touch hair removal cream product worked really well for me, and it didn't cause any issues with my sensitive skin.

Asif 20/05/2018

I tried smart touch cream and it works perfectly and super fast, no need to try anything else.

Ayaan 24/03/2018

Smart touch hair removal cream works better than expected.

Maaz 07/03/2018

Smart touch hair removal cream is very effective. Definitely recommend this.

Ammar 02/01/2018

Smart touch cream doesn't leave any burning marks. When using it on your legs, I suggest wiping or scratching it off when showering. That's where it can be really effective. It's been over a month since using it and hairs are still growing back.

Kamal 29/12/2017

So I just started using smart touch hair removal cream on my back. obviously I can't reach my back, so my wife helped and she was amazed after the 5-6 minutes this product was on my back, she was wiping off my back with a wet towel and all of the hair was coming right off. I'm looking forward to using this again as the description stated that with more uses it can limit the overall hair growth. I would definitely recommend. And I would say I have average skin. Not real sensitive, but I do have dry skin.

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