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Whether it be the result of aging, childbirth, menopause, surgery, or other causes, many women will experience a loss of tightness in the vaginal area as they get older. The Seductiva V-Tightening Gel works to restore a firm and strong pelvic wall by treating the issue at its source - a loss of moisture and lubrication in the area. Applied daily, this gel mimics the cervical function in the genital orifice in which moisture is secreted, restoring hydration to the area to strengthen and tighten the pelvic muscles and restore it to a younger state. Packed with powerful moisturizing agents, potent peptides, and astringents to contract and tighten the skin, this gel is formulated to be strong enough for efficacy, yet gentle enough for the most sensitiThe primary cause of the loosening of the female genital walls is a persistent lack of moisture and lubrication. By mimicking the cervical function in which moisture is secreted from within the genital orifice, the Seductiva V-Tightening Gel restores hydration to the area to strengthen and rejuvenate the pelvic wall. And it does this in a way that no other topical product has been able to do. This is thanks to an incredible stack of laboratory formulated potent peptides that are used for their unique tightening and firming properties. Contains a High Concentration of Medical Grade Ingredients Fortified with a proprietary combination of moisturizing agents and powerful Antioxidants, Seductiva V-Tightening Gel rejuvenates the genital walls and brings back hydration to the area to restore it to a firmer state. This scientifically engineered formula includes Manjakani which is also known as Gall Nut Extract. This amazing astringent is the key ingredient in numerous pharmaceuticals. That is, its topical use causes an immediate contraction and shrinkage of the skin, making whatever it touches instantly tighter upon application. ve areas.

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