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Shop Kitchenware Dough Maker at Online Sale in Pakistan. Kitchenware Dough Maker has made it easy for you to knead the perfect dough regularly for making soft breads (roties). Available at online sale in Pakistan at the Kitchenware Dough Maker contains stainless steel bowl for kneading the dough with electrical dough machine. It not only capable of making dough but also lets you mix mince for kababs, dough for pizzas, better for cakes and much more. The use of electrical dough maker not only saves your time but permits you to do your works effortlessly.

Benefits and Usage:

  1. With Kitchenware Dough Maker you can knead perfect dough in no time and without hard efforts.
  2. It is made up of plastic body and a stain less steal bowl let you make dough up to 2.2kg material.
  3. It is very simple to operate, Just add the required amount of flour in the bowl add water and plug in.
  4. You well get perfectly knead dough in 3 minutes.
  5. It’s very easy to use on daily basis.
  6. Easy to clean after use.


  • Read all instructions carefully in user’ guidebook.
  • Don’t let the children to operate.
  • Don’t put hand inside the bowl while machine is on.
  • To avoid electric shock, do not place cord, plug or appliance in water
  • Don’t place the electric dough maker near hot surface or near gas and electric stoves.

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