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Ingredients: Garlic, essence, water, glycerin, ceteary alcohol, petrolatium. WoW Feel it working in instant after application. You will fell warm,or tangling sensation. The Hot Breast cream will still be working into your breast for 24 hours after apllication Breast Enlargement cream has been formulated from Extra Super Natural Growing Herbs in the Word to Enlarge the size of your breat faster than never before. The hot Breast Cream will tighten and nourish your skin. It will reduce strech marks in your Breast and renew your dead skin tissue. Very fast results guarenteed !!!!!!! 120g-------good for 1-4 weeks Directions: 1- Apply the Hot breast Cream twice a day after shower Morning and Night 2- Massage your breast for at least 3-5 min.each times for fast results 3- Massage your breast all way around,then from inside to ouside Caution: NOT suitable for pregnant women All results are permanent he breast Cream is a COCONUT SCENT and very effective See results in less than 1 week,if apply the cream 2-times a day

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