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The POOF-Slinky 016000BL Scientific Explorer Bionic Ear is a versatile electronic listening device that allows your child to listen to conversations or other sounds without being detected from up to 300-feet away. Look through the targeting scope of the Bionic Ear to sight your subject and then pull the trigger to amplify the sounds. The highly sensitive microphone picks up even the softest whispers through the sound cone and transmits audio through the included headphones. The microphone features an adjustable sensitivity control to eliminate unwanted background noises, such as the rumble of traffic and other random sounds that distract you from the target. Simply turn the frequency controller dial in either direction until you achieve the desired noise reduction and clearest sound. When not spying on others, this device can be used to study birdcalls, wildlife sounds and other noises that helps to hear while being undetected. The Bionic Ear includes an electronic listening device, sound shield and headphones. This device is easy to assemble and use, requires a 9-volt battery (not included) and meets or exceeds ASTM F-963 consumer safety specification for toy safety. Spies on secret missions won't miss a sound with the Bionic Ear. Scientific Explorer is the industry leader in science kits that help develop critical thinking skills, inspire imagination and encourage exploration through interactive experiments and activities that make learning fun. The POOF-Slinky 016000BL Scientific Explorer Bionic Ear Electronic Listening Device is recommended for children 6-years of age and older. POOF-Slinky is the manufacturer of the world famous Slinky and the top selling POOF foam sport balls in North America, both manufactured in Plymouth, MI and Hollidaysburg, PA. Ideal and Scientific Explorer are other well-known brands, rounding out the POOF-Slinky family. With roots in the toy industry for over 100-years, POOF-Slinky brands continue to grow and broaden. New generations of kids, their parents and grandparents have proven that classic toys never go out of style. Visit for more information on Alex Brands and our best-selling line of educational and entertaining products for kids.
Size & Weight
Size: 10.5 in x 4.5 in x 12.0 in
Weight: 612.40 g

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