Powerextra Face Auto Tracking Phone Holder Selfie Sticks 360° Rotation Smart Shooting Mount Sturdy Vlog Holder Smart Tracking Holder for iPhone Android Camera


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Powerextra Face Auto Tracking Phone Holder Selfie Sticks 360° Rotation Smart Shooting Mount Sturdy Vlog Holder Smart Tracking Holder for iPhone Android Camera

About this item

  • 【Simple Operation】: Download the SOUING App, press the button to turn on the selfie stick. Open Bluetooth of the mobile phone and open the SOUING App, the device connects with APP successfully after 3-6 seconds.APP to shoot magnificent photo/video all by your own, no need other’s help, very easy to operate
  • 【Face & Target Tracking】: This phone selfie stick can track and shoot real-time objects, follow the moving objects automatically. Set the pose right, and take pictures at a counting down model of 3 seconds.Take pictures without the help of another photographer.
  • 【Live and Camera Mode】: Support live and camera mode. It's convenient to record your own video, great for live streaming APPS such as:Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WeChat, Whatapp, Facetime, Snapchat,Zoom, Skype, Instagram, Tiktok,etc. your Live broadcaset assistant
  • 【Rechargeable Battery】: Built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery, provides up to 50 hours for shooting. Type-C charging USB cable included. Say goodbye to disposable batteries
  • 【Wide Compatibility】: Maximize the capability of your smartphone camera with 360°object tracking and more. The 1/4" universal port at the bottom compatible with most tripod. Great for speeches, group photos, adventure recording, Live steaming and video shooting. Live/Camera mode and beauty function make your photo/video more appealing

Product Description

Selfie Sticks 360° Rotation

Selfie Sticks 360° Rotation

Operation Instructions

Please must use according to the following instructions:

1 .Batterie 1200nAh

2. Put cellphone on the bracket.

3 .Downloading APP in APP stores or google play.

4. Press the power on key for 2 seconds,the red light is flashing.

5 .Connecting Bluetooth and APP

First,open Bluetooth.

Second,open APP.

Third,connect successfully automatically.

Selfie Sticks 360° Rotation

Configuration Requirements

-iPhone 6 or above & iOS 12 or higher

-Android phones with Android version 8.1 or higher

-Under iOS12.0 only can camera mode,above iOS12.0 can live mode and camera mode

Selfie Sticks 360° Rotation

Pay attention to details

-No need to manually pair Bluetooth,it will be automatically connected within 6 seconds, The connection is successful and the blue light is on.

-Please do not move too fast, otherwise the object tracking camera maynot keep up with you.

-Follow to take pictures: posture and stop for 3 seconds, then take pictures automatically.

-Follow the video: posture and stop for 3 seconds, then the video will start automatically.

-Two-person mode: two faces close and stop for 3 seconds to automatically start taking pictures.

Selfie Sticks 360° Rotation


Live mode:

1: Select the live mode on the main page of the APP

2: Find a supported live broadcast platform to enter

3. Horizontal 360° circle rotation, no dead angle automatically follow.

Size & Weight
Size: 6.77 in x 3.43 in x 3.35 in
Weight: 8.4 oz

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