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Posture Correction Belt | Breast Care Corset available for Online Sale in Pakistan

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Product Code: SG0092

Price Each: PKR.1,550

Posture Correction Belt in Lahore Posture Correction Belt in Karachi Posture Correction Belt in Islamabad Buy original Posture Correction Belt in Pakistan Posture Correction Belt in Peshawar. Posture Correction Belt, Breast Care Corset available for Online Sale in Pakistan. The females doing office jobs can buy the Posture Correction Belt w/ Breast Care Corset via online shopping in Pakistan at shoppingate.pk for having the best ever attractive look. Due to a lot of work load upper back stay extremely curved greater than 40 to 45 degrees right so humpback posture ensue. Especially design for females the posture correction belt having flash color option can be yours at online sale in Pakistan.


  1. It helps in correcting your posture during work load.
  2. Easy to wear and use, make your posture correct with one time practice.
  3. Includes Power Adapter
  4. Nylon and spandex fabric material is used.


  • It maintains your figure and give you get rid of hump back.
  • Makes you look smart and slim.


  • Don’t wash it with hot water.
  • Try to maintain its shape.

Size & Weight
Size: 30.0 cm x 30.0 cm x 0.2 cm
Weight: 150.00 g
General Specification
1. Display = N/A
2. Control Mode = N/A
3. Target Position = Back
4. Physical therapy function = N/A
5. Power Supply = N/A
6. Material = Nylon + Spandex
7. Quantity = 1 set
8. Power Adapter = Without Power Adapter
Other Features
Packing List 1 x Humpback Posture Belt

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