Omron blood pressure monitor wrist HEM-6161


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Omron blood pressure monitor wrist HEM-6161

Product description

Omron HEM-6161 wrist blood pressure monitor is a blood pressure monitor is to be worn on your wrist. This new blood pressure monitor uses the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement. When the cuff inflates, this monitor senses the pressure pulsations of the artery underneath the cuff. The pulses are called oscillometric pulses. The electronic pressure sensor displays a digital reading of blood pressure. Irregular Heartbeat Detection An irregular heartbeat is a heartbeat rhythm that varies by more than 25% from the average heartbeat rhythm detected while the unit is measuring blood pressure. 1. If such an irregular rhythm is detected more than twice during measurement, the irregular heartbeat symbol appears on the display with the measurement result. 2. If the irregular heartbeats cause the measurement to be invalid, no result is shown. 3. If the irregular heartbeat symbol is shown after you have taken a measurement, repeat the measurement. 4. If the symbol continues to appear, we recommend you to consult your healthcare professional.

Size & Weight
Size: 5.87 in x 4.84 in x 3.74 in
Weight: 9.45 oz

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