Buy Imported NOW Foods Cascara Sagrada Capsules Available Online in Pakistan

Buy Imported NOW Foods Cascara Sagrada Capsules Available Online in Pakistan
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Product Code: SG0977
Price: Rs.5,200

NOW Foods Cascara Sagrada 450mg, 100 Capsules
Aameen 02/03/2020

love it -- works great.

Dua 16/02/2020

Works as described. Amazing product.

Zubair 29/12/2019

Very good product. Helps me alot.

Usman 12/10/2019

I take 1 or 2 a week only to keep empty, no cramping works overnight and empty's you out ( a great feeling and clothes fit better, most important you feel great!)

Shahid 25/09/2019

The price is great. I used to use Cascara Sagrada all the time when I had problems with constipation. I used it because it's gentler than Senna and it actually helps heal your digestive track.

Tayyab 08/09/2019

I take one of these daily so that I can stay regular, have been taking this for years, love it and would highly recommend it for constipation. I take 1 daily.

SIdra 31/07/2019

I can truly say works. I highly recommend this product!

Ababil 19/05/2019

This product works effectively.

Zoya Nqvi 13/03/2019

The Cascara Sagrada really helps to keep me regular. This is the only brand I trust!

Talha 28/01/2019

Great product!!!!! no cramps

Omer 22/11/2018

I take one or two at night and it helps keep me regular. I notice a difference.

Fiza 07/04/2018

This is is effective and not cause cramping.

Rizwan 25/01/2018

Works really well! I will order again.

Fahad 30/10/2017

Effective. Good quality.

Ghania 03/06/2017

Great value. Works great for regularity without stomach cramping

Maira 18/04/2017

Flavor is the same as all of this type of medicine but if you take these you expect it and are used to it.

Ahad Akhtar 01/02/2017

I take three capsules (before lunch) and this works great for me.
Highly recommend the Now Foods Cascara Sagrada caps.

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