High T Black - Best All Natural Testosterone Booster - Energy Booster - Bonus Size 152 ct


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High T Black - Best All Natural Testosterone Booster - Energy Booster - Bonus Size 152 ct

  • PREMIUM, NATURAL TEST BOOSTER: High T Black is a scientifically formulated elite testosterone booster supplement. With premium, all Natural and non-proprietary blend ingredients. Along with being governed by strict guidelines for safety and quality.
  • ENERGY, LIBIDO, VITALITY: High T Black is a powerful man boosting formula helping to restore and enhance youthful energy. It is clinically proven to skyrocket libido, vitalize strength, lifestyle and energy levels.
  • MUSCLE STRENGTH and BLOOD FLOW: With peak optimal Testosterone levels, strength and stamina surges. Increased blood flow allow for better performance in and out of the gym. Recovery is accelerated.
  • INGREDIENTS & PROVEN SCIENCE: Scientifically formulated w/ clinically proven ingredients that are effective, safe & natural. A combination of L-Citrulline & Vaso6 (green tea leaf extract) promotes a synergistic effect of Nitric Oxide, causing extreme blood flow & rock-hard pumps. Fenugreek enhances testosterone w/ improving libido, sexual performance, strength & stamina. Rhodilia Rosea is an adaptogen, promoting & encouraging energy production, enhanced metabolism to combat stress & anxiety.
  • 100% MANUFACTURER GUARANTEE: Unlike many of the large supplement companies, who use cheap fillers and unproven ingredients, KingFisher Media’s [High T] has only the most potent active ingredients and is backed by our 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If within 30 Days you are not 100% THRILLED with your purchase, we'll gladly refund your purchase.

Product Description

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[High T] Black Hardcore Formula is designed to immediately boosts energy with 200mg of caffeine. Improvements to our new formula, the new revolutionary ingredient Vaso6, increases nitric oxide allowing more blood flow and more oxygen to be delivered through your body. This will surge immediate pumps in the gym to get you through the most intense workout and your metabolism will target those stubborn areas that everyone struggles with. While Caffeine and Vaso6 are thriving, our test booster formula will adjust to your body and after a few weeks of taking it, the results will be eye opening. Enhanced blood flow, enhanced manhood, enhanced strength, enhanced gains, boosting Testosterone. In the end, feel good, look good, enjoying life and “Boosting What Matters” so you can “Work hard, play hard, and recover faster.”

Boost What Matters

BenefitsBlack 152 On the Go

What's In It?

[High T] Black Hardcore Formula has:

- 600mg of Fenugreek which boosts natural testosterone levels.

- Includes a combination of L-Citrulline DL-Malate 1:1 at 1200mg and Vaso6 at 150mg, creating a dual synergistic nitric oxide pathway to having increased blood flow, performance, nutrient delivery and recover.

-Each individual pill includes 50 mg of caffeine.

- 100mg of Long Jack enhances strength, drive, desire and manhood.

- 60mg of Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen that promotes positivity, uplifts mood, combats stress and supports weight management.Results


[High T] has a long track record in understanding Test Boosters towards helping athletes achieve their peak performance. Vaso6 works in harmony with your body to increase blood flow, giving you the stamina to make it through your workouts and encourage your body to build muscle mass and strength. It keeps your energy levels high throughout the day and boosts your desire naturally, so you can bring intimacy back to your relationships and have enough energy to perform.

How to Use

How To:

[High T] Black Hardcore Formula is able to adjust to your needs. Four pills daily, can be taken all at once at anytime or split them throughout the day. If you split the dosage, two in the morning to start your day and two mid-day when the crash comes after lunch. Or all can be taken as a non-stim pre-workout before your gym session and have an energized, strong and solid workout.Reasons

Size & Weight
Size: 3.25 in x 3.25 in x 5 in
Weight: 1 oz

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