Haino Teko Air 3 Wireless Earphones


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Haino Teko Air 3 Wireless Earphones

    Quality of Dynamic Sound
  • The earphones give an exciting audio performance with crystal-clear highs, rich mids, and deep, powerful bass thanks to innovative audio components and high-quality drivers. Each chord and beat will come to life, letting you experience the music you love with greater clarity and depth.
  • Fit is safe and enjoyable
  • The Haino Teko Air 3 Earphones are designed for lengthy listening sessions and have a stable and pleasant fit. The ergonomic design and adjustable ear tips offer a comfortable fit, enabling you to listen to the songs without interruption. These earbuds will keep firmly fixed in place whether you're at work out, commuting, or simply resting.
  • Bluetooth Advanced Connectivity
  • The sophisticated Bluetooth connectivity of the Haino Teko Air 3 Earphones provides hassle-free wireless communication. You can link your earbuds with your cell phone, tablet, or other device that supports Bluetooth with a solid and dependable link. Say goodbye to tangled cables and enjoy the ability to move about freely.
  • Touching Controls
  • The Haino Teko Air 3 Earphones' simple touch controls let you control your music and calls. With a single touch, you can easily play, stop, skip music, control the volume, and accept or stop conversations. The touch controls make it simple and easy to manage the sound you hear.
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Stay connected and never miss a call with the Haino Teko Air 3 Earphones' built-in microphone. The microphone allows for smooth, hands-free conversation, enabling you to make and receive calls when you're on the go. Stay in touch with loved ones or coworkers without having to grab a cell phone.
  • Portable Charging
  • This set of Haino Teko Air 3 earbuds includes a compact charging case so you can charge them anywhere. Whenever you need to charge your earbuds, you can do so with the compact and lightweight case. Don't leave your audio devices unattended. Always keep them safe and ready for use.

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