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Quality Design From the package to speakers,You can see it's very carefully designed. The Bluetooth speaker is covered with a woven mesh-like material and rubberized housing with bumpers on either end for added durability. Each end of the device also has a bass radiator which is a pretty nifty and unique addition that gives the bass an extra bit of oomph. Once receive the speaker, it won't let you down. Sound Quanlity The Most important for a speaker is the sound quanlity. Dual acoustic drivers and passive bass radiators provide some extra depth to the sound. Vocals and instrumentals are well-balanced, and there's no distortion even at a full volume. Perfect balance between high-end harmonies and thundering lows. With crystal clear balanced bass, You will never worry about the lyrics becomes overshadowed. It's perfect for home, office, parties, school, Christmas gift, Thanksgiving day, Halloween, Black Friday. True Wireless Stereo The “TWS” button also known as “true wireless stereo” which allows you to sync two of these speakers together,mimicking the effect of an actual stereo system by delivering dual-channel (right and left) audio. Waterproof & Battery Sbode M400 Speakers providing 8 hours playing time and only takes 3 hours to be fully recharged. Its rubberized housing and IPX6 rating make it a great option for trips to the beach, singing in the shower, or basically any situation where you'll be exposed to the elements without any issues. IPX6 rating water-resistant means that the speaker has been thoroughly and specifically tested to keeps it safe from dust, sand,and water. If it gets dirty, a simple rinse in the sink or spray with a garden hose cleans it right off – just don’t fully submerge the speaker, as it’s not rated safe for submersion.
Size & Weight
Size: 7.4 in x 2.7 in x 2.7 in
Weight: 453.59 g

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