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Want to protect your Alexa from falling or tipping? Get the FUTUREPEAK AMAZON ECHO & UE BOOM SPEAKER STAND! The perfect way to protect Alexa! What makes FUTUREPEAK special? ULTIMATE SET: Use indoor or outdoors STYLISH DESIGN: Sleek glossy black stand with blue spiral prongs TOP QUALITY: Made of durable ABS plastic PROTECTIVE: Chamber holds Alexa without blocking sound STABILITY: Thicker base than competitors for extra balance EASY TO BUILD: No screws, glue, or tape – 6 pieces to assemble EASY TO USE: Alexa can be lifted in & out quickly MANUAL: Instructions included SPECIAL GIFTS INCLUDED! Water-resistant Carrying Case with Zipper & Carabiner Water-resistant Charger Case with Zipper Black Anti-Static Cleaning Brush – Use without water ASSEMBLING INSTRUCTIONS: Install 4 prongs into the bottom base. Place top base on 4 prongs & press down securely. Slide Alexa into the chamber’s opening. IMPORTANT NOTE: When the stand is installed, it needs to be lifted from its base as it is not connected with screws or glue. CONTENTS: Speaker Stand 5.9”x4.72”x4.72” Carrying Case 9.6”x3.4”x3.4” Charger Case 3.2”x3.4”x3.4” Anti-Static Brush 8.46”x2.16” Manual Gift Box SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ~ RISK-FREE! Click the “ADD TO CART” button to get your FUTUREPEAK AMAZON ECHO & UE BOOM SPEAKER STAND. Now your Alexa has a home!
Size & Weight
Size: 10.8 in x 6.3 in x 3.9 in
Weight: 698.53 g

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