Precision Applicator


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Precision Applicator

Mess-free precise application for small vitiligo spots and a great tool for touch-ups.

Vitiligo Makeup & Cover
Zanderm’s precision applicator instantly camouflages small vitiligo spots with just a few easy strokes. It’s mess-free and smudge resistant. Zanderm dries quickly for  long-lasting coverage that you can rely on. This natural, dermatologist-approved vitiligo makeup is made in the USA. Zanderm is hypoallergenic and very gentle. The pen is a great way to manage and touch-up vitiligo with precise application. Zanderm is hassle-free, a time saver, and a great tool to have in your pocket.

How to Apply

Designed to fill in small spots | Vitiligo Makeup Tutorial

  1. Make sure skin is clean and dry for best results
  2. Apply gently onto depigmented areas
  3. Don’t apply heavy pressure directly onto the tip
  4. Zanderm works best with even light strokes
  5. Keep tightly closed when not in use

Tip: Use precision applicator to color onto precise areas.
Tip: It’s a great tool to use along with the other applicators to touch up where the pigmented skin meets the vitiligo.
Tip: Multiple layers will darken the color.
Tip: When applying onto the following areas: knuckles, elbows, knees and ankles, apply lightly since those areas tend to absorb the formula leaving it looking darker than the rest of the skin.
Tip: For more tips and techniques visit our Instagram Highlights for tutorials.

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