Camcorder 4k Video Camera ORDRO AC3 UHD 1080P 60FPS Vlog Camera IR Night Vision 3.1" IPS LCD WiFi Camcorder with Remote, Microphone, LED Light, Wide-Angle Lens, Handheld Holder, Carrying Case


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Camcorder 4k Video Camera ORDRO AC3 UHD 1080P 60FPS Vlog Camera IR Night Vision 3.1" IPS LCD WiFi Camcorder with Remote, Microphone, LED Light, Wide-Angle Lens, Handheld Holder, Carrying Case

About this item

  • Ultra HD 4K Camcorder: With 4K 2880x2160 (24FPS) video resolution, ORDRO camcorder can record extremely high quality video and capture wonderful moment. 3.1'' capacitive IPS touch screen with 270° rotation and 30X digital zoom, the 4k camera can finish higher quality and vivid videos. With 3.7V 1700mAh rechargeable battery (NP-120), it can provide longer periods of time and allow you to uninterrupted power. Moreover, the camcorder supports recording while charging, and pause function.
  • Video Camera with Sony IMX258 CMOS Sensor: The camera adopts for 13MP sensor, and the maximum pixels is 24.0 MP photo resolution (5600X4200 interpolation). With the highly sensitive sensor, it senses the surrounding environment and finely processes complex light. With fast image capture rates and image processing capabilities, it enhances image sharpness for more natural and realistic image quality. (Tips: Mount the camera holder to keep the video stable when recording).
  • Wifi Connection Function & IR Night Vision: The "D Video" APP turns your tablet or smartphone into a real-time remote to control the camcorder (valid range: 9.8 feet). Download the "D Video" APP directly by scanning QR Code on the user manual, or search on Google Play for Android system and Apple App Store for iOS system. Wi-Fi is not to connect to the router. Under the infrared night vision, the video and photo functions can be used as normal in the dark night.
  • External Microphone & Wide Angle Lens & LED Video Light: The external mono microphone adopts super-cardioid polar pattern pickup technology, low cut filter to reduce noise, enhance sound effect. The professional 0.39X wide-angle lens, captures wide view and tiny meticulous landscape. The led video light, 2700-6500K color, 96pcs cold and warm lights, can enhance the fill light. The external microphone and LED lights are mounted on the camera via a uniquely designed hot shoe bracket.
  • Accessories & Quality Assurance: Comes with a professional carrying case, a microphone, a 1 to 2 usb/mic adapter, a wide angle lens (include a macro lens), a LED video light, a lens hood, a camera holder, two battery, a battery charger, a USB charger, a camera bag and strap, a card reader(random color), a micro USB cable, a USB charging cable(5 pin), a HDMI cable, a hot shoe bracket, an English user's manual. Must use standard SD card storage (up to 128GB, the SD card is not included).

Product Description1

ORDRO HDR-AC3 4k camcorder with external microphone, wide-angle lens, lens hood, handheld stabilizer, LED video light (not included SD cards)


ORDRO Products Advantages and Features:



Sony IMX258 CMOS Sensor: IMX258 is 13M sensor, the maximum pixels is 24M by interpolation, and it adopts Exmor RS technology. With the high-sensitivity sensor, it can sense the surrounding environment and delicately handle complex light. With fast image capture rate and image processing capability, it can enhance image clarity to perform more naturally vivid and lifelike image quality.


IR Night Vision Camcorder

The ORDRO HDR-AC3 camcorder has an IR infrared night vision light that can take clear video and photos even when there is no light at night. You can use it to capture the smile of your lovely baby sleeping. And it also can be used to observe small animals at night(attach a macro lens), shoot in the wild in the evening and so on. The image in infrared night vision mode is black and white.


Wifi Point-to-point Connection

The camera has wifi function. Download the APP named "D Video" on your smart phone and connect the camcorder's Wi-Fi for preview and operation on the phone/tablet. You can download the videos and pictures on the APP and share with your friends at any time.

Note: The camera wifi function is point-to-point connection, does not support connecting router.


Charging While Recording and Pause Function

The AC3 4k camcorder supports charging during recording and supports the pause function. You can use a USB cable to connect the camcorder and an external power supply, press the "START/STOP" button to start recording a long video, press the "PHOTO" button to pause recording, press the "PHOTO" button again to resume recording.

We recommend installing the camcorder on a standard tripod, and then maintaining a focus range of more than 1m for recording


Webcam)USB 2.0 / HDMI 1.3 Output

The AC3 4k camera comes with a USB 2.0 A Male to Mini-B 5pin cable, and a Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable. Use the USB cable to connect camera to your computer, select the "PC Camera", and press "PHOTO" button, the camera will be used as a webcam for live streaming and video calls. Select "MSDC" and then press the "PHOTO" button to view the camera files from the computer's removable hard disk.

Use the HDMI cable to connect the camera and the 4K TV, press the "Playback" button on the camera to watch the video file. You must watch UHD video on 4K TV.


Time Lapse Function

Time-lapse mode, the process of slowly changing objects or scenes is compressed into a short period of time, showing fantastic and brilliant sight that is usually undetectable by the naked eye. Photo series and video frames mode,compress everything in a short period of time no matter how long.

E.g: Total 144 frames, 72 hours reproduce the growing of flower bud in 6 seconds (4K@24 fps).



Carrying & Protective Case*1

-ORDRO TEAM has designed an all in one camera bag to store the camera and all accessories perfectly. Using thick pressure-resistant materials will be the best protection for your camcorder.

-The size of this case is: 15*10*3.5 inches, and the weight is: 4.3 lb


-The package does not come with any memory cards!!! You need to purchase a standard SD card from other stores. We recommend using a 32-128GB SD card of Class 10 or above.

-After inserting your SD card and battery into the camera, flip the screen to turn on, enter the setting mode to format the SD card, and then you can take pictures and videos normally.

ORDRO 4K Camcorder (CE,ROHS,FCC listed)*1

How to use the camcorder:

-1. Charge battery for 3 hours, insert it into camcorder correctly;

-2. Purchase a SD card, and insert it into camcorder;

-3. Turn on the camcorder, toggle the mode button to the far left to enter the setting page, restore camera default settings and format SD card;

-4. Switch mode button to video record, press the "START/STOP" button to take recording or stop recording.

The HDR-AC3 video camera is equipped with the necessary accessories to increase the unlimited fun of the product.11

ORDRO Warm Tips:

  • Tips: This ORDRO 4K camcorder is designed for amateurs, not for professional! It's lightweight and compact, user friendly. The video camera is great for beginner and making your Vlogging or Youtube videos! It is easy and intuitive for anyone to use!
  • This camera is a fixed zoom lens, please keep the focusing distance is 3 feet or more. If you need close-up shots, please use a macro lens and keeping 1.5-2 inches distance from the object.
  • Please read the user manual carefully before use the camcorder. You can watch videos about ORDRO cameras on YouTube. And we also uploaded the unboxing video of this product in the listing.
  • There are no memory cards included in the package, you need to purchase a standard SD card from other stores. We recommend using a 32-128GB SD card of Class 10 or above.
  • After inserting the SD card and battery into the camcorder, you must format the SD card and restore the camcorder's default settings, then the camera will work properly.
  • Install the battery into the camera correctly in the direction of the arrow on the battery, making sure that the positive and negative terminals of the battery correspond to the positive and negative positions of the camcorder battery compartment. Flip the screen or press the power button to turn on the camera.
  • The detachable macro lens for extremely high-resolution close-ups of small objects. To use the macro lens, you need to separate the two lens by unscrewing.
  • The ORDRO camcorder has Internal speaker and microphone, support windows XP/VISTA/7/8/10 and Mac. Please upload the videos to a 4k TV or computer, it will show the better sound and image effect.
  • Due to the limitation of the camcorder system, when you connect 4K TV with HDMI cable, only FHD is displayed on the TV, only supports recording, and does not support any live broadcast function.
  • Camera as a webcam: Connect camera to your computer with a USB cable and open the camera screen to display “MSDC” and “PC Camera”. Toggle the “Zoom” button or touch the screen to select “PC Camera”, press the “Photo” button to confirm, then the camera is used as a webcam.
  • In order to protect the camcorder and battery, please remove the battery from camcorder after you have finished recording.
  • The remote control signal is sent from the front of the lens. When using the remote controller, please remove the wide-angle lens, otherwise it will block the remote control signal.
Size & Weight
Size: 17.6 in x 12.52 in x 4.84 in
Weight: 13.5 oz

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