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Take to the skies with confidence using the brand new F17 Drone from Contixo. This F17 drone has all the latest drone technology that makes it easy to fly and gives the pilot full control. The F17 comes with a camera mount that is compatible with Action cameras. Equipped with MT1806 1800KV BRUSHLESS MOTORS to ensure minimal friction during engine operation and reduce heat production. Better engine durability and prolonged battery life up to 50%. Super bright LED lights on the drone make deciphering orientation very easy and allow for night flying. This drone inspires confidence in their pilot so that they feel that they have full control. HIGH CAPACITY BATTERY (INCLUDED): 2100-mAh battery - Let your drone fly up to 18 minutes on a single charge without worrying about heading to the outlet so soon. The battery is easily removable and thanks to the body design, it is safely secured. Notice: 10-15 minutes Cool Down Time, Between Battery Change POWERFUL BRUSHLESS MOTORS: The F17 is equipped with MT1806 1800KV BRUSHLESS MOTORS. The advanced motor technology reduces friction between motor parts, increasing the durability of the motor and efficiency of the brushless motor which in turn prolongs the battery life to 50% or more compared to conventional motors. Flying Tips: -Allow the drone to cool down anywhere from 10 - 15 minutes after every flight. Continuous strain on the motors will cause them to burn out. -Propeller blades should be in PERFECT condition prior to every flight. Even the slightest imperfection will cause the drone to vibrate resulting in shaky footage and unsteady flights. -Battery life is limited to weight and performance. For optimal battery life remove 4K camera, propeller guards, and tall landing gear. Also, do not push the drone, fly steady and keep the speed below 30%. This will allow you to fly your drone up to 18 minutes. -The Wifi signal on the 4K Camera is limited to a distance of 30 ft. and it is not recommended to use as an FPV camera. -The Contixo 4K Camera will mount upside down on the drone, you can use any basic video editing software to 'flip' the orientation of the footage you capture.
Size & Weight
Size: 17.7 in x 15.8 in x 6.7 in
Weight: 2,263.50 g

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