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Portable Female Breast Pump Enhancement Breast Enlargement Charge Vacuum Pump FAQ Q.Is it Safe? A. There have been a number of studies and tests, and no damage or risks have been found.Tension-induced growth has been used for over 30 years in other areas of the body, so the science on this is very solid. There are no side effects or health risks. Q. Is it painful when using the Breast Enlargement Pump? A. No, If you follow the complete directions, there is no pain or discomfort when using the Breast Pump. Q. Are there any side effects? A. There are no known side effects, besides breast growth. Q. How often do I use the Breast Enlargement Pump, and for how long at a time? A. Using it longer and more often- does produce faster results. Pump to a comfortable pressure and hold that for 10 to 15 minutes on each breast twice a day. Do not over pump, if there is pain or discomfort then release the pressure. Q. Does your Breast Pump work on males and females? A. Yes, it works on any breasts, the pump stretches the breast tissue over and over again. It is called soft tissue expansion. It is a lot like working out your muscles repeatedly

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Weight: 0.68 kg
Hina 19/02/2020

Works great. Worth the money.

Yameeni 26/10/2019

Works very nice.

Hania 17/06/2019

Great product. Works great.

Humna 20/01/2019

I love how easy it is to use.

Aminah 18/11/2018

I absolutely love this.

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