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For Working or Stay-Home Moms whose desire is to pump successfully in the least amount of time, MADENAL Pump is a daily use breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day and offer portable convenience for discreet pumping anywhere. 1: All the parts that touch breastmilk are BPA free. 2: It is the closed-system electric breast pump prevents your breastmilk from coming into contact with the tubing. 3: 3 Expression technology and 9 suction power produces more milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum in the expression phase. 4: It's very quiet and makes you feel very natural. 5: Big cooler bag holds everything you need to pump & travel and keep breast milk bottles cool. 6: Mains Operated & USB Power Supplier lets you pump anywhere, anytime. 7: The standard opening allows you use your bottles to store your milk. What Is Included: 1 X Pumping Kit 1 X Breast Shield Flange 2 X Bottle 1 X Bottle Stand 1 X Power Adaptor 2 X Nipple 1 X Cooler Bag 1 X Ice Packs 10 X Breastmilk Storage Bags 1 X USB Cable Helpful Hints: 1: Store breast milk at room temperature (<=77º/ 25ºC) for 4-6 hours or be refrigerated immediately. 2: Do not microwave the milk to thaw. Place the bottle in room temperature water to thaw. 3: Do not thaw and refreeze. Once thawed, the milk should be kept in refrigeration and used within 24 hours. 4: Do not add warm breast milk to frozen breast milk. 5: Frozen breast milk should be used within 6 months after freezing.

Size & Weight
Size: 22.1 cm x 17.0 cm x 16.0 cm
Weight: 1.30 kg
Izza 01/04/2020

This is a great product and my wife has not had any issues with it what-so-ever!! the box that it was shipped in was banged up like if somethin heavy fell on top of it so i contacted the seller about it. the seller offered to replace it, but i decided to keep it and try it out just to make sure everything was in working condition. well.....medella has made an INCREDIBLE/DURABLE product. this product is working GREAT and like i mentioned before, no issues what-so-ever!! you can't go wrong with this product.

Armeena 18/03/2020

I love my pump!! Use it everyday and it’s still working great. The backpack case makes life so much easier!

Maleeha 13/03/2020

Super easy and portable, I wish there was just a touch more suction.

Samra 17/02/2020

Love my pump! It comes with everything in the picture. The ice pack and the cooler was perfect for pumping on the go. This was very discreet and did not look like a usual pumping bag. A lot of room for all pumping essentials.

Nusrat 18/01/2020

I love my medela. I see other posters have complained about the quality of the back pack. Mine is great! It goes everywhere with me and trust me I am an on the go mommy. It wipes clean easily, the pump works great still. I have been pumping with mine for 6 months now about every 3-4 hours. I do suggest buying addtional tubing as mine is starting to wear out. They are stretching from pulling them off and putting them back on. Otherwise, I recommend this pump to any mom that is going to pump and pump on the go!

Zarah 01/12/2019

Doesn't get better than this! I've been using this pumper for 2.5 years, and it still runs like new. I have had zero complaints or problems with this pump. It transports easily because it is so compact. It is comfortable to wear, and it keeps my hands free when wearing it. It was great when I had to pump away from home: it worked quickly and efficiently for my needs.Fyi, I usually press gently on my breast as I pump in order to help squeeze the hindmilk forward, just to get out as much as possible. I love this Medela pump.

Kiran 17/10/2019

I looked high and low and I'm fairly certain at every electric double pump in existence and this pump is definitely one of the best for the price. So far pumping anywhere from two to five times a day for an average of fifteen minutes for the last two months and my pump is still going strong (off to knock on wood now!). It is a little bit noisy for some work environments though, which can be a major con for some but doesn't hinder me that much.

Shamsa 17/10/2019

I had the Medela Swing which I used for 6 months until I got this. The Swing drove me nuts since you can only pump one side at a time. This is SO much stronger, saves me a lot of time and is easy to deal with but you definitely need a pumping bra. I have had no issues with milk going in the tubes but I did with the Swing. Also the tubing has stayed clean but after every single use I do let the pump continue for a few minutes to dry it out and they directions say.

Noor 21/09/2019

This pump is amazing! I don't have any issues expressing my milk, and the backpack makes it super portable. Doesn't have a ton of storage space for spare parts or a sweater if you like to cover up while pumping it you keep the cooler bag in the large compartment.

Anusha 30/07/2019

Purchased for my daughter to express milk before returning to work. After her first use she was ecstatic at how quickly she was able to pump. What used to take 30 minutes she can now get in 10 minutes

Humera 25/05/2019

This thing helped me meet my goal of 1 year exclusive pumping. Love that it's a backpack style and you can fit everything you need in it plus I just carried it as a purse also.

Naseeba 21/03/2019

This breast pump was recommended to my by a friend who used it while she was breastfeeding. I have never used any other breast pump so cannot compare it to other pumps. It works as expected and it has met all my expectations. I've been using it for 3 months now and am happy with the purchase. When using it there is no discomfort and it is relatively quiet. The backpack case is great and makes carrying it around very easy. One thing I particularly like is that there are varying suction settings, which helped me with getting used to using it. My only comment would be is I would prefer if the electrical cord was a little longer.

Saleem 10/02/2019

My wife loves this! She had the freestyle bag with our first two kids and wanted the backpack for our third. It is absolutely worth it, according to her.

Ayesha 05/01/2019

Easy to assemble and use. As easy to clean as anything is going to be. Works well. Recommend getting spare pieces

Aamra 22/12/2018

Love this pump! It is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to carry. The backpack is a nice way to hide what it is and everything is very compact. It is a dual pump and I have only used it as a single pump. That is just my preference. It is easy to use anywhere. The pump itself is not too loud. I have pumped after my daughter is asleep and it was not too loud so I was able to do it with her right next to me.

Haleema 15/12/2018

Medela electric pumps are the best! My first one came from my sister who barely used it and gave it to me. I used it heavily for a year with my first child, then passed it to my sister who used it lightly. Then she passed it to another sister who used it lightly. Then it got passed back to me 8 years later. Got new tubing and accessories and used it for 7 months. The only reason I bought a new one was the old one was bulky, and I needed to use up my money in my flexible spending account anyway. And I read that after a while they slowly lose suction. If that was the case, it wasn't even noticeable to me. This new backpack one is so cute, discreet and lightweight! Love it!

Nafeesa 19/10/2018

I originally purchased a very cheap pump thinking that would be a good way to go since I would be mainly breastfeeding our son but turns out you sometimes get what you pay for and it just did not work. So my husband and I decided to spend the money on a Medela pump and I would make the same decision again in a heartbeat. It works great and the backpack is very practical and stylish!

Aafia 11/10/2018

I use this 5-7 times a day. I use the ice chest often also. Its easy to carry around and the battery pack works great for when im pumping in the car. I absolutely love this!

Hafsa 29/09/2018

This is a great pump. I used to have a Playtex one, and this one is hands down a better product. The pump changes speeds and frequency to simulate a real baby nursing, which is great. I purchased different flanges that fit me a little better, which helps. At first I wished that it had a silicone insert, but it is great without it. I do however need to use a pump "holder" support device of some sort with this one, or they will come off. (This is mine:

Maryam 09/07/2018

Loooove this pump! I am not worried at all about my supply when I head back to work because of this product! The faceplate on mine was actually broken upon arrival but one call to the company and they immediately sent me a new one that arrived literally within one mailing day! If you’re hesitant to purchase, stop! Buy it now!

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