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Weight: 1.18 kg

7 major features, giving more care for mother and baby 1.Multi touch massage silica gel: let milk sucking no longer painful 2.Anti backflow design: no more return milk 3.Four spiral teeth + leak prevention silicone: prevent milk leakage 4.PP material: bisphenol A free 5.360┬░LCD display: clearly to see time and milking tap position 6.Nine milking tap positions and two modes: massage and milking suction alternative, and 9 kinds of suction tap positions for adjustment at your will 7.Smart body: easy to carry when you need to use the breast pump? if you can feed baby by breast milk, suggest (except baby expert/breast milk feeding expert with suggestion) wait for milk secretion and feeding time reguallar,(generally after baby birth two weeks to four weeks at least ) the best time for suck milk . such as: milk rich in morning, before or after the first feeding to baby, or after baby feeding but still have milk , if you are in work, you can suck milk during your rest time.

Size & Weight
Size: 19.6 cm x 19.3 cm x 16.5 cm
Weight: 1.18 kg
Hareem 01/04/2020

Great pump for the price!

Aaina 12/01/2020

This pump has been amazing so far and I have been using it a couple of weeks so far.

Fizza 28/12/2019

Great product and I would definitely recommend to my friends. Another bonus is it is affordable!

Tahira 08/09/2019

I love this pump. It is so convenient.

Mahnoor 16/06/2019

I love this little machine.

Aabidah 22/03/2019

The bottles that come with the pump also work well to feed baby (my babe is 3mths old) though the nipples may have too fast a flow for some babies (not sure if the included nipples are slow, medium or fast flow).

Noreen 19/01/2019

Really pleased with how it works! It's affordable, easy to use/clean, compact, and has great suction power!

Sakeena 11/11/2018

I am delighted with this product, I tried another brand and I do not like it. The experience was really different. This milker is super comfortable and very good for the price, it is easy to use and also give you ten bags to store milk and make your bank. I am very pleased, I recommend this product 100% and would buy it again and again and if it was necessary.

Hina 31/08/2018

Great pump, just as good as the expensive ones but so much more affordable.

Yusra 05/05/2018

It seems they thought of everything. The pump is much more sophisticated than my madela pump and works a lot better. It also comes with stands and pump covers which is nice.

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