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Buy KELEKI Breast Pump Online in Pakistan

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7 major features, giving more care for mother and baby 1.Multi touch massage silica gel: let milk sucking no longer painful 2.Anti backflow design: no more return milk 3.Four spiral teeth + leak prevention silicone: prevent milk leakage 4.PP material: bisphenol A free 5.360┬░LCD display: clearly to see time and milking tap position 6.Nine milking tap positions and two modes: massage and milking suction alternative, and 9 kinds of suction tap positions for adjustment at your will 7.Smart body: easy to carry when you need to use the breast pump? if you can feed baby by breast milk, suggest (except baby expert/breast milk feeding expert with suggestion) wait for milk secretion and feeding time reguallar,(generally after baby birth two weeks to four weeks at least ) the best time for suck milk . such as: milk rich in morning, before or after the first feeding to baby, or after baby feeding but still have milk , if you are in work, you can suck milk during your rest time.

Size & Weight
Size: 19.6 cm x 19.3 cm x 16.5 cm
Weight: 1.18 kg

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