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A perfect solution to get your Google Home Mini off the counter without drilling holes in the wall or modifying plugs. It is very easy to use and it holds the Google Home Mini securely.Great for bathrooms and kitchens where counter space is critical! This mount requires no extra hardware as it uses the original power cord that comes with the Google Home Mini. Features - Elegant, Stylish and Minimalistic. - No drilling, no tools required, no wall damage - Utilizes the Original Equipment USB Adapter - Hides the cables behind the mount - Attractive, decorative design for your home or office Installation: 1. Put the plug through the hole in the holder. 2. Wrap the cord around the cords reel until there is only a short length of wire remaining. 3. Push the other parts of the cords aside of the holder 4. Put the usb adapter into the Google Home Mini in the center of the mounting case. 5. Press the Google Home Mini into the holder 6. Plug in the outlet. NOTE *GOOGLE HOME MINI IS NOT INCLUDED*
Size & Weight
Size: 8.3 in x 4.3 in x 2.0 in
Weight: 119.07 g

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