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HIMALAYA NOURISHING LIP BALM IS DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND There’s no need to coat your ruby reds with gunky petroleum. Your lips deserve the sweetest treatment around. Himalaya Nourishing Lip Balm is lovingly formulated to be light, mild, soothing and hydrating. Apply it liberally as often as needed and see why this gentle-sweet combination of apple seed, almond and honey is like the first soft kiss of springtime. WHAT MAKES HIMALAYA NOURISHING LIP BALM DIFFERENT? Himalaya's Nourishing Lip Balm is petroleum-free and formulated with vegetable oils. It’s free from artificial colors and preservatives, and enriched with Wheat Germ Oil to soothe and hydrate lips without being heavy, greasy or gunky. Carrot Seed Oil provides long-lasting moisture for softer and smoother lips and its tiny peck of honey locks in moisture. It’s so soft and smooth, you’ll want to smooch yourself silly! WHAT'S IN HIMALAYA NOURISHING LIP BALM, AND WHY IS IT ONE OF THE BEST LIP BALMS ON THE MARKET? Winter Cherry conditions lips and improves texture Apple Seed Oil is an excellent emollient that deeply moisturizes and rehydrates lips Olive Oil nourishes and softens lips Almond Oil moisturizes lips Honey is a natural humectant that nourishes and soothes lips Petroleum free HIMALAYA IS PROUD TO BE DIFFERENT? Himalaya is a family-owned company founded in 1930 with products sold in over 90 countries. Integrating the principles of Ayurveda and modern science, Himalaya is a worldwide pioneer in the field of herbal health and body care. Himalaya believes in community health, sustainable farming and environmental responsibility – part of their ongoing commitment to Happiness through Wellness. THE STORY Family owned since its beginning in 1930, the Himalaya legacy now spans over 85 years, stretching from one man, to his son, to his grandson — from India to a global presence. Through the work of over 8,000 employees, products are sold in over 90 countries, with one product sold every 1/16th of a second. Himalaya products are based on the wisdom of Ayurveda, India’s well-respected traditional system of medicine and advancements in modern science. THE SCIENCE Himalaya’s R&D department employs over 250 physicians and scientists, and is recognized by India’s Institute of Health Sciences as an approved PhD Center. The R&D facility is Good Laboratory Practices and Good Clinical Practices certified. Himalaya’s manufacturing facility is Good Manufacturing Practices certified. THE MISSION From the beginning, Himalaya’s mission has been to research nature and enrich lives. This is achieved in part by ensuring everyone the opportunity to purchase pure and effective products at a value. Philanthropic practices are intrinsic to the inherent disposition of the company. Himalaya teaches their family of farmers to grow native plants sustainably on their land without the use of harsh chemical fertilizers or pesticides, educates thousands of children, has planted over 200,000 trees worldwide, supports the survival of indigenous tribes, donates to community needs, and cares about its employees – all an important part of doing business. Himalaya believes that if wellness is the path to happiness, we must all contribute to the wellness of all things. Wellness of people, wellness of the environment, wellness of our communities – all part of the vision for Happiness through Wellness.

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