High Quality isinlive Power Knee Stabilizer Pads - Power Leg Knee Joint Support Sale in Pakistan

Size & Weight
Weight: 400.00 g
Raheem 07/03/2020

I’ve never seen my dad so happy... ever! My dad was in an awful car accident that completely shattered the right side of his body. He’s been in physical therapy for two years now and has had multiple surgeries on his knee. He hasn’t been able to get around that great. He mention these knee braces that he saw on Facebook and so I ordered them for him. He face timed me a few days later with the biggest smile on his face and showing off how he can do squats now! (Little ones but still) He says he can get around great now. I have never seen my dad so happy. I think he feels like his old self again. I know these might not be the best fit for everyone, but for my dad they were a heaven sent!

Sidra 21/02/2020

VERY impressed with the quality of the product. I have tried other brands but none of them compare to this one.

Nadeem 11/11/2019

Came on time which was very quick. Sturdy quality material. Great support. Would recommend to purchase.

Fahad 13/07/2019

Most excellent! I was skeptical at first but this turned out to be quite easy to use and helps relieve SO MUCH pain off my knees!

Haleema 09/06/2019

My grandma has bad knees and I decided to buy her one of these to help her while moving around the house. She loves it! She says they seem more durable than other one she tried. I'm extremely happy with the purchase.

Zahid 04/04/2019

"Great knee support very comfortable on the skin and doesn't slide around" my wife loves the help it gives to her legs!

Rameez 13/01/2019

I injured my right leg in a race recently, and welcomed some support. The ImpactSport Knee Brace was so easy to use, I was able to wear it in a few minutes. The intuitive Velcro bindings expanded to allow me to slip the brace on over my shoes and on top of my jeans. Once in place, two quick motions secured everything in place. The attractive box and individual protective pouches made it nice enough to give as a gift. But, the real gift for me was the high quality and ease of use. Great product!

Naseeba 11/11/2018

I bought these for my mom, who has arthritis and varicose veins, and is struggling to walk. This product is very helpful for her: it supports her going upstairs, getting into her vehicle, and it stays in place - it doesn't slip up or down. The velcro part is very strong too.

Kamran 24/08/2018

My wife has had serious knee pain from working all day. At times it was so bad it kept her from moving around much at all. We have tried many braces and these so far seem to really help her get thru her work days. I like that it comes with extra springs when needed.

Shahzain 25/05/2018

The pads a pretty comfortable to wear. They do a good job of keeping stress off the knee and absorb some of the weight when bending

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