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Weight: 9.98 kg

Motor Size: 4.33 x 1.57 x 4.33 inch (11 x 4 x 11 cm) Flower Nipple Massage Cushion(Shield): 8cm Pump Body: 5.5cm, threading is common size Flange Size: 24mm Bottle: 160ml/ 5.5oz; D 4.5cm Product Weight: 2.2 pounds Input: 100V-240 V Frequency: 50~60 Hz Power Supply(Wattage): 5 W; DC 6 V Current: 1 A Why choose Gland electric breast pump? * More comfortable for you because it offers several working modes * Make you feel safer, parts are hospital-grade material and switchable from single pump to double pumps * Require less effort to use than manual pumps * Faster than other methods of expressing milk Please Note: We recommend you to charge the battery as soon as possible when battery indicator flashes in low battery. Never wash or sterilize the pump motor, the silicone tubing, the cap, and the power cord. These components do not into contact with your breast milk. You can wipe those part clean with a soft cloth. Package Contains: 1 x pump motor 2 x pump body set 1 x tubing set 2 x milk bottle set 1 x manual 1 x USB cable 2 x free part (2 tubing connectors & 2 valves) TROUBLESHOOTING: If you feel it in Low Suction, please... ❥ Check all the accessories' assemble to confirm them without leak, including silicone tubing, cap, silicone diaphragm, pump body and let-down massage cushion, above all valve. Don't forget to assemble any part. ❥ Check the suction density for the working modes, this is a adjustable pump, you can adjust the density for each mode according to your pumping needs. ❥ DO CONTACT US FOR HELP ^^

Size & Weight
Size: 25.4 cm x 20.8 cm x 20.1 cm
Weight: 9.98 kg
Rabia 24/06/2020

This pump works great for me, they all work great. It’s quieter. I also like when I’m pumping it almost has a vibration and make my nipples feel comfortable. It’s nice and light weight. The suction work good too. It drains all the milk that I have. I just love this brand. There good quality and affordable.

Sadaf 01/04/2020

Great for first time mom, it's very quiet, and surprising it has so power to it then it looks

Zahida 01/04/2020

Good products easy to use lightweight chargble I love it alot !!!!!

Rida 15/03/2020

LOVE THIS PUMP! I had 1 non producing breast and using it 1 time I was able to get 1 ounce. Huge victory for breastfeeding mom here. Totally worth the money.

Mafiya 21/02/2020

Perfect fit for my budget. Great pump.

Madeeha 02/01/2020

Love everything about this pump. Great quality at an amazing price! Battery lasts long enough for 2 sessions. Not to mention that it isn’t bulky. Perfect for storing in your purse and traveling. Relatively quiet too. I love it the look and feel of this as well.

Maira 08/12/2019

I was skeptical at first when I ordered this breast pump but it is so compact, lightweight and easy to use. Money well spent

Aaima 09/11/2019

Someone knows where I can get the pump parts.

Zainab 20/10/2019

I am a new mother and I need to work on weekends. I have to use an electric breast pump for feed my baby. This one is a great product. It’s easy to put in my bags. It has different modes suit for different people. The best thing is it has battery inside, I will not scared about the place I am at without the power point. I suggest the mother need the breast pump to buy this one. It’s cheap and convenient .

Batool 20/10/2019

I have a breast pump already but it’s inconvenient to use when I go outside. So I brought this electric portable one. It’s easy to use with a portable size and works good for me. It makes me much easier to pump in outside.

Maryam 31/08/2019

Excellent item. Rechargeable and looks great.

Ayesha 11/04/2019

I like this product . Because it is reasonable and easy to care every where. It is also easy to separate each part and sterilize. The product give you extra parts so that you can spare whenever I clean another. The breast pump also has a massage function. It can suck milk and massage the breast at the same time.

Yumna 12/02/2019

Easy to use and very powerful for a small electric breast pump. I can easy fit it into my my diaper bag. The charge is incredible with its fast and long lasting battery. Overall I’m glad I purchased this pump. I have a pump that I plug into the wall, but this portable pump is better.

Zobia Malik 28/12/2018

Absolutely nothing wrong with this! It holds a long charge and works great. I only wish there were two suction cups! It’s a great deal. Lots of settings. Absolutely worth it.

Saba 20/11/2018

This pump is only single side but it’s amazing! It works better then my medala and the silicone shield helps!

Javeria 14/04/2018

This machine is too convenient to use, should not be plugged in, can be charged, it is very convenient to carry out, the suction is very strong, I like it very much!

Aalia 01/03/2018

I absolutely love this pump! So easy to use and has many different settings. I also love how small it is. I can charge it, then stick it right into my diaper bag when we travel.

Sana 24/02/2018

Works. Did the job.

Haniya 10/12/2017

I was using a medela breast pump and was having a hard time getting milk out. Im assuming there was a leak in the system. I tried this pump and love it. Not only am I getting a lot more milk out but it is more comfortable to use. I like that the battery is rechargeable and the pump can be used anywhere.

Rimza 24/09/2017

This is a wonderful pump! Its easy to use, easy to clean and it gets the job done. I recommend this pump to all who are looking for an effective but not costly pump. It has different suction levels so you use what's best for you. Rechargeable, small and lightweight so easy to travel around with and use anywhere. Its switches off after 30 mins of straight usage so you don't hurt yourself and tire your boobs out. Just switch it back on if you don't have enough. It has a memory so it starts up where you left off. I am very pleased with this pump.

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