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Buy Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream at Online Sale in Pakistan. Are you suffering from acne, pigmentation, un-even skin tone and acne scars? Buy Dermonu Facial Regeneration Cream at online sale in Pakistan at for disappearing all the skin problems. It’s not only acne removal cream but a single cream for multiple skin solutions. It is also dark spots and pigmentation removal cream. It is a combination of clinically tested ingredients that removes away impurities of the skin effectively in two weeks.


  1. It is an effect solution of acne and black heads.
  2. Also removes dark spots, pigmentation and un-even skin tone within few weeks.
  3. It includes Rosh Bush Oil (Rosa Mosqueta Oil) and polyunsaturated fatty acids to fully penetrate into the skin for rejuvenating dead skin cells.
  4. It hypoallergenic, non-aggressive micro-peel formula that makes your skin smooth and perfect by removing all imperfections.
  5. Its results may vary from person to person.


  • Wash the face properly pet dry and apply the adequate amount of dermonu cream at night.
Size & Weight
Size: 10.0 in x 8.0 in x 8.0 in
Weight: 175.00 g

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