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bust cream

Size & Weight
Weight: 0.28 kg
Rabia 16/03/2020

have been noticing the difference is size after only a short period of time will definately be ordering more from you

Armeen 19/01/2020

I love it haven't been using it long but you can feel the tingle and by using a breast pump with it I know it will make my breast the size I want them..

Rida 15/12/2019

My husband bought this for me, it is fantastic and works very well. Use gloves when applying it though. Makes hands swell too.

Shakela 11/11/2019

It work but you have to keep on using it twice a day morning and night..

Iffat 31/07/2019

Love this product! Came within two business days I put it on twice yesterday and over night they grew. I was so surprised and impressed can't wait to continue using it.. And the smell it's just fine.. When I run out I'll be buying more :)

Isha 24/07/2019

The bust enlargement product is easy to apply and does make your breast fuller and firmer very nice product to use on your breast area.

Amna Iqbal 02/05/2019

This stuff really works! I just ordered my second jar! The only bad thing is how long it takes to ship, but for the price and considering how far it's traveling its great. I was a deflated c cup and after one jar, using unfaithfully twice a day, they have grown fuller, with more bounce, into a d cup and my stretch marks are fading! Love this product! It does mock estrogen tho so it will change your monthly cycle.. So be safe with breast cancer family history. Other than that... Amazing!

Lubna 19/03/2019

I'm a very dedicated person that refuses to take no as an answer ive ordered 3 bottles of this and now ive got a pretty set of boobs and im very happy now I owe it all to this company too cuz their product works so darn well but iv warn gloves I don't want my hands to get big to but whatever I put this on expect it to grow it has plumed up my butt area and my breast very happy custumer always gonna order from this company would recommend to all people that want much bigger body parts and yes it makes you feel much sexier then youd ever think happy happy happy

Aaniba 13/02/2019

This didn't really work for me. I like it because it came with a little soap, was delivered fast, but it didn't do anything, the reviews on this were awesome, and I used gloves just in case because of one review, but no changes. Once in awhile I feel a change when Im putting the soap on in the shower, but other than that. It's like nothing changes. Already had 2 of these thinking maybe one wasn't enough.

Sobia 08/01/2019

Time for receiving was great, better than expected.
Hope to use Amazon again for this type of items.
5 stars for that

Aroosa Sheikh 05/01/2019

I will reorder, I have been using it for 3 weeks and have gained 1 inch. I would recommend it to anyone.

Fizza 24/12/2018

I lost all my boobs after having a child. I could hardly fit in a A cup I was a DD before I had my son!! So I was desperate! This stuff works amazingly. And I noticed a difference within about 4 uses. My only compliant is that my breasts are very tender. But I'm sure that's normal

Minahil 21/10/2018

These products can help you to become the woman you desire to be. I would recommend these product to any one who to wish to any trans women

Maham 10/07/2018

This product is a good product if you do your research overall it will take about 1 to 2 months for then to fully grow and develop. Also its also depends if you have all your vitamins in your breast so that way it can grow. If you dont it will take longer because the cream gives you what your missing. But once you have all that is done your breast will start growing faster. Ladies you have to do your research and READ ! Its a process

Nimra Asad 20/05/2018

Using this product has helped Me regain My lost breast tissue from having kids! Love this product but the jar is kinda small and it took 3 weeks to be delivered, but I will be ordering More.

Dua Kamran 14/04/2018

So ladies, if you are looking to increase your boob size, this is a good product to get. I haven't used it like you're supposed to, but even the couple times I used it I felt the difference. After two uses I felt the size seemed bigger. My shape is not full, but after using this product a couple times, I noticed my shape was a bit fuller all around. Warning, do use gloves when applying it because it may cause hands to swell. Love this product!

Sara Ali 11/01/2018

I'm still using this product, once the tube is finished I will give it another try with a second order

Uswa Hassan 09/01/2018

This product did everything it said it would. Within just about 2 weeks this cream really enhanced my breasts and made them completely more fuller, rounder, and LARGER! Fabulous product!

Hareem 25/12/2017

Yes I have finished a jar and there are definitely fuller. About a 1/2 cup difference and increasing. I'm working on my next jar hoping to keep.increasing size

Sabeen 21/06/2017

E Soap is very nice - Order results very good

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