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"For Working Moms, there is no other!" Highly Efficient, Ideal for Working Moms Minimizes Pumping Session Time FEATURES: - Highly Safe Closed System personal use breast pump - Designed for milk not to enter the tubes and the motor to avoid contamination - Comes with 9 adjustable vacuum levels - Dual Phase Mode of Stimulation and Expression - Stimulation Mode designed to enhance a mother's milk ejection reflex - 3D Collection Kit that closely imitates the pulling, squeezing and suckling motion of an infant - Touch Screen Technology - Memory Feature that memorizes favorite settings - Anti-Backflow Flange Design - Liquid Silicone Breast Flange Design - Quiet System, Light and Portable - Comes with a bottle adaptor that will fit standard size bottles of other popular brands - Easy to assemble and easy to wash - FDA Approved and BPA-Free What's in the Box: - 1 x Breastpump Motor Unit - 2 x Breast Shield Collection Kits - 2 x Storage Bottles - 2 x Bottle Adapters - 1 x Y Connector for Double Pumping - 1 x Power Adapter - 1 x Quick Assembly Guide - 1 x User Manual & Warranty Card Warranty Information The BELLEMA Electric Breast Pump is backed by a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase against defective material and workmanship.

Size & Weight
Size: 25.4 cm x 10.2 cm x 7.6 cm
Weight: 0.36 kg
Dua 01/04/2020

My main pump is the Spectra, but I wanted something more portable to use while commuting. I was able to use this pump with the freemie cups and it works great to pump in the car. I appreciate all the different setting. Yes, it can be annoying that you have to go through all the different levels to get back to the lowest one, but I don't find it to be that big of an issue. Definitely worth the price if you plan on pumping while commuting or traveling.

Nadia 16/03/2020

I’ve had multiple breast pumps, some of the most expensive name brand ones, and by far this is my favorite! I was hesitant, because it was so affordable but I love it! I have G cup breasts and I have no problem using this pump, it’s very comfortable. The suction is great and I love how small and portable it is. The pump itself isn’t super quiet but that doesn’t bother me and Baby seems to enjoy the White noise.

Sania 07/02/2020

I highly recommend this pump! With the price being on the lower end, I was skeptical of this pump. I wanted to purchase a second pump for home and use the pump I got through insurance for work; so I didnt need anything too crazy and the price was perfect. The device itself is small and compact. I like the option to pump in a bottle or right into a bag. I also like how there is some silicone/rubber insert in the flanges. My insurance pump doesnt have these two bonuses. This pump will be convenient if I need to pump while getting ready or on my commute to work.

Nazia 18/01/2020

I am delighted with this product, I tried another brand and I do not like it. The experience was really different. This milker is super comfortable and very good for the price, it is easy to use and also give you ten bags to store milk and make your bank. I am very pleased, I recommend this product 100% and would buy it again and again and if it was necessary.

Izza 26/11/2019

This pump is amazing

Afsheen 10/09/2019

This pump is amazing .

Ghania 02/09/2019

Best pump I’ve used so far. Very happy I purchase this.

Sanam 22/08/2019

After a thorough research I ended up buying this product and I have used it since and I can only say one word fantastic

Muneeba 04/05/2019

First of all, it's so portable to carry and store. it's super comfortable if you use it properly. it's stronger than what I think.

Zeenat 09/03/2019

Pump is so convenient and comfortable and my god it’s so quiet. Nobody can even tell when it’s on which is amazing seeing as how I have 3 littles under four.

Laiba 28/01/2019

She said it gets the job done and works well with no problems. We had an expensive one before this that brokes and this one seems more durable than the expensive one.

Aasma 06/01/2019

This machine is too convenient to use ,should not be plugged in, can be charged, it is very convenient to carry out, the suction is very strong, I like it very much!

Yumna 25/12/2018

Worked so quickly and so conveniently packaged. Easy to assemble & clean.

Ahsan 14/09/2018

Worked very well for my wife

Maham 20/06/2018

This product is very comfortable to use, you can sit or lie down when sucking, both sides can be used at the same time, sucking efficiency is very high, my milk is full, usually is first sucked out and stored in the storage bag I, then when the child needs to warm in the milk heater, very convenient.

Aabroo 03/04/2018

I love this pump. I breastfeed exclusively. I think breast milk is nutritious. It really helped me a lot. And it’s quiet. I can also use it at night when my husband is resting. it’s very smooth outside. Small and easy to carry

Sobia 21/01/2018

I love this pump the suction is 10 times better than my insurance evenflo pump. I got this as I was returning back to work and wanted something more portable and compact yet strong. I pump at least 4 times a day or more while still breastfeeding. It empties my breast good and has never been painful. Plus you can charge it discreetly in the office. The price is right and it works amazingly well.

Aabish 31/12/2017

I love the small size and that It can be charged. It suctions just as well as my spectra and is so small and much easier and less expensive to pack around. I also love that is has an automatic mode so I dont have to change from massage to stronger suction. I am so glad I purchased this pump! I love it so much

Hajra 19/07/2017

after disinfection, I have started to use it for while. The sound is not loud, it is very silent, and it doesn't hurt to suck. I bought one before, and the strength is too great, it hurts. This is very humane. You can control the strength and easy to clean and install.

Alina Ch 14/05/2017

This pump works so great! I love all the different settings and manual settings you can adapt to your needs. I love how quiet this is. I can use it in bed as my husband sleeps. I would definitely recommend this pump to a friend. So small and compact but really pulls the milk out! Super strong! I was a bit worried about purchasing because of some of the negative reviews. But I have nothing but positive comments to say about this pump!

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