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How to use: 1. Select the use of appropriate skin smoothing, if skin dry, moist skin first and then conduct. Sucked want to do parts (points) in the vertical direction with a finger forced by 2-3 times, the middle of the concave portion so that the gas inside cupping adsorption naturally excluded. 2. Push the tank method used in many parts of the fat, or waist or abdomen area and other large parts are available, the better. 3. after a period of time, then 2 to 3 times to adjust the suction strength to feel you can tolerate, you can feel comfortable. 4. if you want a stronger adhesive force, in the same number of adsorption sites, or more pressing several times. 5. rest, driving, working, doing chores, learning, wherever and whenever you can use, easy. 6. each appropriate to use time is about 15-30 minutes. 7. rinse with water after use neutral detergent gently wipe cleaning. 8.when removed by the middle of the concave portion from one side slowly opened. Storage maintenance: 1. Avoid scratching and keep the overall cleanliness. 2. After use, routine use of disinfectant, alcohol cotton wipe. Not boiled or high temperature processing. Precautions: 1. Use the appropriate smoothing skin, if the skin dry, moist skin first and then carry on. 2. The vacuum pressure is greater feeling suspended, place the child can not touch the place. Packing List: 1 x S size 4.5cm(2.56 inch) Suction Cupping

Size & Weight
Size: 10.7 cm x 7.6 cm x 6.6 cm
Weight: 0.73 kg
Qandeel 01/04/2020

This things is really good for your health . My husband loves it .

Saad 09/03/2020

I love this set! Very well made and durable, also very easy to use! Would definitely recommend to others.

Fozia 19/02/2020

Nothing I dislike about this product. Perfect for my massage practice.

Jannat 02/01/2020

Only had a short time. Seems to work well.

Humza 28/11/2019

Wonderful tool for my massage business

Sajjad 21/08/2019 the #1 stretch provider in the nation these are the best I've gotten for the price.

Hiba 20/07/2019

Wonderful product. Good quality.Been using on my patients for 3 weeks now and I'm very pleased.The cups has fallen from me a few times and no damage seen. Good quality and affordable too.

Saana 01/05/2019

The product is a great quality! You get so much for the price.

Naheed 13/02/2019

I use this for work frequently and I love it, easy to use and keep organized

Asif 17/12/2018

These help my husband with his he back and knee problems. Just what I was looking for

Amna 20/07/2018

I purchased this as my first set after getting my certification and I absolutely love it. It serves its intended purpose and is very easy to use yet extremely durable.

Sabeen 11/03/2018

Great suction,variety of sizes. I got the smaller size before and I love the biggest size even more. Enough in it to do 2 massages or use multiple places

Razia 07/01/2018

This is so easy to use, my 6 year old granddaughter cups my back for me. Great suction, sturdy cups and durable!

Haris 30/11/2017

High quality cupping system. Very easy to use and a great de-stress tool. The cups seem to be high quality plastic and the pump is easy to use. It comes in a convenient, nice looking red case. It's very easy to use. You have to be somewhat flexible to do this on your own. It's easier with the help of another person. Very happy with the product. Would recommend it!

Samra 18/07/2017

I love this set! I have chronic muscle spasms in my back and neck, and these little gems work so well it's amazing. Just put a cup on the site of the pain and leave it for maybd 10 minutes. Significant relief.
These have extremely strong suction. This is a powerful set of cups, but really terrific!

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