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Body Buildo in Lahore Body Buildo in Karachi Body Buildo in Islamabad Buy original Body Buildo in Pakistan buy online in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Sialkot, Pakistan. Body Buildo Available for online Sale in Pakistan. This Body Buildo is one of the best quality weight gainer available for online sale in Pakistan at This Online Store in Pakistan is now offering the well-known Body Buildo. Its numerous wonderful flavors infused with the power of 100% whey protein. It helps your health muscular and well developed. Body Buildo commonplace delivered to you its legendary quality fineness at exceptional cost. This 100% whey protein gives you all the essential amino acids needed for muscle recovery and tissue regeneration.


  1. Speed up muscle recovery and tissue regeneration.Every serving of body buido powder gives you 25g of quickly digesting whey protein along with low-level fats and lactose.


  • Mix 2 teaspoons of Body Buildo in 250 ml of milk
  • Consume twice daily
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Make sure that you close the container tightly after using it


  • Read all instructions carefully before use.
  • Excessive use will harm you.
  • Use if you are above the age of 20.
Size & Weight
Weight: 32,000.00 g
Moeen 02/04/2020

Does exactly as advertised

Hashir 07/03/2020

You won't be disappointed. I get a nice pump with this product

Zaroon 19/01/2020

I have used this product every day for a week and it works great. I have noticed a boost in energy helping me get an extra rep or two. Very happy with my purchase.

Jamal 30/12/2019

Best NO booster ive tried. The blood flow is great, you can feel your face flush within 15 mins. Good pumps.

Nabeel 22/10/2019

Keeps me going in my workouts. Feels great to be able to keep going and pushing myself. Before n.o. blast i was dragging bad during my workouts.

Subhan 21/09/2019

Boosts my energy level during workouts. Have noticed a difference with less soreness after workouts. Great product will purchase again.

Rizwan 10/08/2019

These vitamins have been great for helping my workout routine! If I take them regularly, I can be sure to have less muscle discomfort during recovery. I also feel that I’ve had more endurance and energy for my workouts!

Rabia 08/05/2019

Helpful product my husband likes.

Shabir 25/04/2019

I love taking this after workouts. I feel like it fuels my muscles and helps my recovery.

Bilal 03/02/2019

It works good quality.

Daniyal 13/01/2019

Stuff works great! Great results at a great price!

Adnan 27/12/2018

This is a great product, it produces intense focus and tremendous pumps. I’ve taken it for 3 days now and I work out in the mornings, through the whole day my veins pop and people notice.

Faraz 29/09/2018

Wonderful workout product can really feel the difference before and afterwards

Abrar 30/06/2018

I have been taking these supplements for a few weeks. I already notice less muscle fatigue and more energy!! I highly recommend these to anyone needing a boost to their workout!!

Nadeem 05/05/2018

I gave this to our son to try as he is into working out and lifting weights.

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