Best Quality Portable USB Charging Electric Eyelash Curling Device Online Sale in Pakistan

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Product Code: SG0180
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Weight: 15.00 g

Shop the best quality rechargeable Electric Eyelash Curling Device at online sale in Pakistan at It’s an eyelash curler that heats up to offer extreme curve to lashes. The electric eyelash curling device is safe to use and the modern design is simple to use and fits perfectly to the shape of the eye. It features a USB port for recharging the device.

Benefits and Usage:

  1. You can simply make natural-looking, long-lasting curl in seconds with the best eyelash curler tool.
  2. The comfy, wand-style eyelashes curler comb fits amazingly in your hand for extreme comfort and affluence of use.
  3. This slim and handy lash curler is also designed for maximum portability with 15g of weight.
  4. Includes USB port for recharging the device and offer 30 to 40 minutes use per charge.
  5. Built-in temperature control system lets it heat up in 10 seconds.
  6. It heats the eyelashes without damaging them and you get striking results with or without mascara.


  • Read user’s manual for the proper function of the device
  • Electric eyelash curler:

    Selection ceramic heater instead of metal wire, heat evenly without damaging the eyelashes, accurate high-performance temperature control IC, temperature control of plus or minus 1°, the low battery warning to remind you to charge protection. 10 seconds rapid heating mode and normal mode. USB port charging, easy to add power at any time. Compact body design. With mascara use better.

    Electric eyelash curler features:
    • 1 can be used for 30-40 minutes per charge.
    • using built-in 3.7V 120mahpolymer battery cells, the product more secure.
    • unique ceramic heating rod technology, heat more evenly.
    • circular design of ceramic heating rods, perfectly fit the curvature of eyelashes, curl effect is more pronounced.
    • Built-in high-precision temperature control system, precise control of temperature to prevent scalding eyelashes and skin, more secure.
    • Mascara / false eyelashes are easy to use.
    • international standard USB port charge, at any time convenient add power, Pc, laptop, cell phone outlet, car USB port can.
    • unique rapid temperature mode within 10 seconds the temperature quickly reaches 85-90' quickly and easily. Double-click the ON / OFF button, the red light lit it means that a high temperature mode.
    • low battery protect themselves from excessive use of the battery, reducing battery life. At low power red light, blue light will flash simultaneously and automatically shut down.
    1. products work, make sure the heating wire surface no water droplets, to avoid short-circuiting the product.
    2. The heating wire is damaged, do not continue to use, to avoid danger.
    3. When the temperature-sensitive paper products from green to yellow, is the best use of time for the product.
    4. When the product is working, do not put aside.
    Size & Weight
    Size: 8.7 cm x 2.1 cm x 1.0 cm
    Weight: 15.00 g
    General Specification
    1. Waterproof = Yes
    2. Guarantee Data = 3 years
    3. Quantity = 1 piece
    Other Features
    Packing List 1 x Eyelash curler
    Other Features Power supply: 120mAh lithium polymer battery

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