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Best quality LK-8860 rechargeable 4-blade rotary shaver and razor for sale at fine out a wide selection of electric shavers and razors with quite different prices in Pakistan. Now you can shop online best quality LK-8860 rechargeable 4-blade rotary shaver and razor with matchless features quite different from one model to another. It gives smooth, low-friction skin glide to minimize irritation when shaving. Its 4D system can be adjusts easily to the curve for comfortable Beard shave.


  • Washable and wet & dry design
  • Seamless foil handle
  • Contain 4blade knives
  • Comfort veneer for safety
  • Independent floating heads
  • Double track shaving heads for both faster and closer shaver
  • Nonslip handle design
  • Including sideburns knife design
  • Power: 3W
  • AC rechargeable shaver
  • Voltage: DC 220V
  • Charging time: 5 hour • Color: as given in image
  • Package size: 170x80x240mm


  • 1 x Shaver razor
  • 1 x Charging station + holder
  • 1 x AC charger (EU plug / 125cm cable)
  • 1 x Blade cover
Size & Weight
Size: 16.8 cm x 6 cm x 5.2 cm
Weight: 172 g
General Specification
1. Function = Men's Shaver
2. Shaver Head Type = Rotating type
3. Shaver Head Number = 4
4. Blade Number = 4
5. Washing Mode = cannot water wash,Systemic Water Wash
6. Disposable = No
7. Working Voltage = 2.4 V
8. Power Supply Mode = AC Rechargeable
9. Power Plug =EU Plug (2-Round-Pin Plug)
10. Power = 3 W
11. Charging Time = 5 Hour
Other Features
Packing List

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