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Price: Rs.3,000
Weight: 2,000.00 g

Best Quality Laptop table  in Lahore Best Quality Laptop table in Karachi Best Quality Laptop table in Islamabad Buy original Best Quality Laptop table in Pakistan buy online in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Sialkot, Pakistan. Best Quality Laptop table for online sale in Pakistan. Now buy the Laptop Table via online sale in Pakistan at This stylish and durable laptop desk allows you to select any posture and cooling fans features in it lets your laptop to remain cool during use. It’s not only a laptop table but you can use it as a reading desk, breakfast tray and a working desk. It's suitable for using in bed, on the floor, sofa, lounger car and many other surroundings. This Laptop desk is on the other hand multitasking product.


  1. The laptop table is foldable and users can easily carry it along with them.
  2. You can place your laptop securely and safely at it and prevent slippage.
  3. Built-in cooling fan allows cooling the gadget plug the cooling fan's USB into the laptop.
  4. Suitable for Kids, students, work professionals.
  5. Available in Glossy grey color it weighs 2 kg.


  • You can use the laptop table for your work convenience anytime anywhere.
  • No extra wires required


  • Place at a safe place
Size & Weight
Size: 31.0 cm x 3.0 cm x 28.0 cm
Weight: 2,000.00 g
Sundas 08/04/2020

The laptop desk is of high quality and very sturdy. The wooden top has a nice finish to it and was constructed well. The leg stands lock in place when brought into the down position and they can easily be extended to raise the height of the table. At its highest setting, it fits perfectly over my lap without being in the way. I got a large size and there's enough room to fit both my Surface and mousepad if needed. I'm sure this table could easily be used for eating too but I haven't tried that yet.

Umair 25/01/2020

This desk has changed my life! I work remotely two days a week and my desk has been taken over by my kids. I have tried quite a few mobile desks for my laptop and mouse and I thought I had given up l, until I came across this product. It is a beautiful color, definitely made of high-quality items.

Salman 02/12/2019

Great for studying in bed. Fits my Microsoft Surface with keyboard Comfortably with enough room to spare for some papers. It is sturdy but I guess that has to do with the type of bed you have. Mine is pretty firm. Definitely worth it. I sometimes eat in it too. Love the adjustable height and the different angle options. The locking mechanisms for height and angle are excellent. Normal pressure does not destabilize it.

Amaal 24/11/2019

I love it! I’m a senior in college and all of my classes are currently online. I could’ve used this the last several years while sitting on the couch or laying in bed. It fits my laptop and a mousepad perfectly. It’s very comfortable to use and easy to adjust. It seems to be sturdy. It’s perfect for my needs!

Tahir 22/10/2019

This desk is awesome. I telework a lot for my job and wanted a little desk to prop up my computer on while sitting in my room or on the living room couch. This thing does wonders.

Tooba 23/08/2019

Love, love love this little desk!

Azhar 16/06/2019

This product is good and also for its price. I am using it right now and am very happy with the purchase. Its pretty sturdy, good quality, easy to use clips to move it up/down or angle it. It gives me a good angle for the laptop, good height. Only thing is, the leg space (between the legs of the table) i feel is not enough. A few inches more would have been more comfortable - this helps to pull the table closer to you. Nevertheless, the ergonomics is good, its worth its money and solves my purpose. I would recommend this to anybody.

Waqar 11/04/2019

Love it it’s just what I needed. Good quality easy to use and I can cross my legs under if I want. Good width

Nadir 19/01/2019

I'm a medical student and spend most of my day on my computer and it was killing my neck. I bought this laptop desk this week and it's made the world of difference. I can study in bed with the computer at my eye level which helps my neck and I can put it on my desk to use as a standing desk as well. It's plenty big enough to fit my laptop and some notes to write on and it's really comfortable. 10/10 recommend.

Bilal 27/12/2018

Absolutely what I needed so I can do work for school. I can sit ok the couch or place it on the coffee table. It helps me sit up straight when I have it on the highest height on the table. I love the ability to tilt the tray.

Arif 16/09/2018

This is exactly what I needed! My laptop gets so hot on my legs that I needed a mini-desk, which is exactly what this is. Because it's so adjustable to height and angle, I can set it at the perfect settings for me. Can recommend this product enough. Sturdy, looks great, and extremely functional.

Rameen 20/06/2018

This desk is awesome. I have a 17 inch laptop and having room for my mouse next to it is great. It seems pretty sturdy also. I'd highly recommend it!

Sohail 25/05/2018

I work from home, so an organized, positive space is important to me. This product works well for my needs and also allowed me to create a standing desk situation for far less money than the competitors. The laptop stand is really well made, easy to set-up and excellent for the price.

Asim 12/02/2018

Great product. I can use this in bed laying down, I could use it on a sofa over my lap.

Aqsa 01/01/2018

Easy to use and adjustable. Make me relaxed on the bed

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