Beanless air chair available for sale at very cheap rate in Pakistan

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Beanless air chair  in Lahore Beanless air chair  in Karachi Beanless air chair  in Islamabad Buy original Beanless air chair  in Pakistan Beanless air chair  in Peshawar. Beanless air chair available for sale at very cheap rate in Pakistan. Are you looking for inexpensive and comfortable air lounging chair and not have to purchase those refilling pellets. Now you can buy the Air Beanless Chair via online sale in Pakistan at The air beanless chair is inflatable and is intended with 2 air chambers and durable spiral beam production, parallel to air mattresses that are available in the market. The air beanless chair is helps to keep your body at its accurate and prevents the chair from just rolling over. The inflatable chair is very much light weight and easy to carry.


  1. The air beanless chair features 15 meter LPs soft velor top sides and durable bottom
  2. Available in different colors to match the texture of room.
  3. It is easily inflatable with electric air pump.
  4. If not in use can be deflated and store in the bag.


  • It’s a good choice for bedrooms, halls and more.
  • If it gets holes no need to worry as the holes are easily repairable with patch kit (not included).


  • Don’t let the air beanless chair to remain in the sun for a long time because this leads the air inside to swell and also stretch the vinyl

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