Baby Pillow for Newborn Infant(0-12months),Flat Head Prevention 3D Memory Foam Can Support Head & Neck Pillow,Head Shaping Pillow,Heart Shaped


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Baby Pillow for Newborn Infant(0-12months),Flat Head Prevention 3D Memory Foam Can Support Head & Neck Pillow,Head Shaping Pillow,Heart Shaped

About this item

  • ☺Return Baby A Beautiful Head Shape☺ Do you have flat head syndrome?Don't let your baby suffer such regret.You need a head shaping pillow for infants.Recommended by pediatrician designed the 3D hollow baby pillows to protect of the head and support neck scientifically.
  • ☺Sleep Well Grow Well☺ Babebay baby pillows feature advanced slow-rebound soft memory foam and breathable cotton fabric cover from USA certified.Let your baby feel as comfortable as sleeping in his parents' arms.
  • ☺Fits Anywhere☺ Efficient design is simple to insert in any stroller,rock n play,baby bouncer,rocker,skull crib bedding,cradled, car seat or swing. Recommended to use baby sleep positioner together.
  • ☺Perfect Pillow Size for Newborn Baby(0-12 months)☺ It is recommended to start using it as soon as possible to prevent flat head from the 1st day. Continuous use for at least 3 months will be effective.Sleeping on both the left and right sides is suitable.
  • ☺Make You Satisfaction☺ We care about the feeling of you and your baby. If you click"Buy Now"immediately,we feel very honored that quality products and packaging will never let you down.Once you have any dissatisfaction, please contact us..

Product Description

baby head shaping pillow

The newborn baby's body is very soft, because the baby is not fully developed. Baby is sleeping 70% of the day, and all the things the baby touches are especially important at this time. If you place your baby directly on a flat surface, the shape of the head can easily become flat. This is what we often call the flat head syndrome.That’s why we designed this Babebay Head Shaping Pillows for babies.

flathead prevention

Support Head & Neck to Shape The Head

The scientific 3D concave size and depth pillows for babies can perfectly relieve the pressure on the head and neck,while gently shaping the head shape to solve various head shape problems:

√ Flat Head

√ Skew Head

√ Sharp Head

√ Any Other Head Shape

baby pillow for newborn infant

No Direction Restrictions

√ Right Side

√ Left Side

√ Front Side

△Pediatrician Recommends: replace a new pillow every 3 months to ensure the effectiveness of the pillow and the health of the baby to achieve optimal shaping.

3d pillow design

3D Concave Pillow

3D baby pillows. Different from a normal baby flat pillow, carefully considering the shape of the head, reducing the pressure on the neck and spine.

safe maerial pillow

Perfect Thickness

The overall thickness is 1.18inch and the size is 9.4 * 9.4inch.

Very suitable for 0-12 months old infant who need neck & head support pillow.

ultra soft cotton Hypoallergenic

Breathable Fabric

Quickly absorbs sweat and has good breathability.

Note: If the surface of the pillow is dirty, wipe it off with a wet towel. The pillowcase and pillow core are one set and cannot be disassembled.

premium memory foam

Premium Memory Foam

Soft, slow-rebound,lightweight and comfortable.

Note:The real memory foam is not washable, nor can it be directly exposed to the sun.0-12 months baby best choice pillow

Size & Weight
Size: 9.8 in x 9.5 in x 1.6 in
Weight: 8.8 oz

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