AnyTone AT-778UV Mobile Radio Transceiver Dual Band 25W VHF/UHF Car Radio w/Cable


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AnyTone AT-778UV Mobile Radio Transceiver Dual Band 25W VHF/UHF Car Radio w/Cable

About this item

  • 1.AT-778UV Mobile Transceiver Radio, Two Mode for different operation requirement Distribute buttons reasonably, Convenient for operation. This mobile radio is especially designs for drivers. ❤❤ONE YEAR U.S Based Warranty, Warehouse (Domestic Return) in CA State--No Further Return Issue.
  • 2. 180 degree rotatable TFT LCD display, Narrow band compliant, Built-in speakers in radio & microphone, Built-in cooling fan.❤❤CHIRP SUPPORT !!! FREE download the programming software on AnyTone Officail Website.
  • 3. Size: 4.9" (W) x 6.4" (D) x 1.5" (H) (124 x 163 x 39 mm); Frequency: VHF /UHF, Output Power 25W/15W/5W, 200 Channels Store, CTCSS/DCS, DTMF, 5Tone signaling for data transfer, alarm, all call, ANI, remote kill, remote waken
  • 4. Single call, Group call, Selective call and Emergency call are all available, Keypad lockout function, Squelch level setting, LCD brightless control, Voltage level protection, Automatic power function
  • 5.Kit Includes: AnyTone AT-778UV Mobile Transceiver, Microphone, Power Cabe with Fuse Holder, Mounting Brackets & Screws, Cable, User’s Manual.

Product Description

AT-778UV mobile transceiver radio

AnyTone AT-778UV Dual Band Transceiver Mobile Radio

AT-778UV Mobile Radio has nice housing, stoutness & stability, advanced and reliable functions, perfect & valuable.This mobile Transceiver especially designs for drivers and it pursues philosophy of innovation and practicality.

AnyTone AT-778UV walkie talkie VHF/UHF



Frequency Range: VHF/UHF

Number of Channels: 200 channels

Operating Voltage: 13.8V DC ±15%

Frequency Stability: ±2.5 ppm

Operating Temperature: -20℃~+60℃

AT-778UV mobile ham radio


Sensitivity(12dB Sinad): ≤0.25μV; ≤0.35μV

Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ≥60dB

Audio Response: +1~-3dB (0.3~3KHz); +1~-3dB (0.3~2.55KHz)

Hum & Noise: ≥45dB; ≥40dB

Audio Distortion: ≤5%

Audio Power Output: >2W@8

AT-778UV portable mobile car radio


Power Output: 25W/15W/5W (Wide/Narrow Band)

Adjacent Channel Power: ≥70dB ;≥60dB

Hum & Noise: ≥40dB; ≥36dB

Spurious Emission: ≥60dB

Audio Response: +1~-3dB (0.3~3KHz); +1~-3dB (0.3~2.55KHz

Audio Distortion: ≤5%


AT-778UV dual band two way radio

Front Panel

  • (Number 1) Power On/ Off/ Mute
  • (Number 2-7) Self Define Key
  • (Number 8) Function Key/ Function Group Key
  • (Number 9) Microphone Jack
  • (Number 10) Channel Switch/ Push Button/ Key Lock
  • (Number 11) LCD Display
  • AT-778UV dual band mobile car radio with usb programming cable
  • Rear Panel

    • (Number 1) Antenna Connector
    • (Number 2) Ex-Speaker Jack
    • (Number 3) Power Cable
    • AT-778UV dual band ham radio with microphone
    • Microphone Front

      • (Number 1) TX/RX Indicator: Light green while receiving; Light red while transmitting;
      • (Number 2) A/B Band: Choose left band or right band as main band;
      • (Number 3) MIC: Speak here during transmission;
      • (Number 4) Number Key: Input VFO frequency or DTMF dial out etc;
      • (Number 5) Band Indicator: The indicator light on for main band;
      • (Number 6) Speaker: when shut the speaker in the base, you can hear the calling by this speaker;
Size & Weight
Size: 8.03 in x 7.01 in x 3.46 in
Weight: 2.73 lb

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