Air Bra for Making Rounded Breast Shape available at online shopping in Pakistan

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Air Bra for Making Rounded Breast Shape in Lahore Air Bra for Making Rounded Breast Shape in Karachi Air Bra for Making Rounded Breast Shape in Islamabad Buy original Air Bra for Making Rounded Breast Shape in Pakistan Air Bra for Making Rounded Breast Shape in Peshawar. Air Bra online shopping in Pakistan Buy original Air Bra in Lahore, Air Bra in Karachi,Air Bra in Islamabad. Air Bra for Making Rounded Breast Shape available at online sale in Pakistan. Air bra is one of the most comfortable bras available at online sale in Pakistan at The Air Bra is designed to support chest while dismissing back pain and back fat. It is made of silky stretchable fabric and easily fit to all sizes. The air bra offers you perfect curves and figure along with weight loss. It works effortlessly and delivers tremendous results in few weeks.


  1. Its results are immediate and effective.
  2. Relieves back pain with eliminating back fat.
  3. Perfectly shapes your figures and curves
  4. It is made up with silky and soft fabric with more breathable texture.
  5. It includes wire free clip free straps.
  6. The air bra can also be used for sport purpose.


  • You can use in under your favorite dresses for eliminating back body fat and having curved figure.
  • You will feel cool and fresh while using it.


  • Wash it with soft washing powders.
  • Don’t iron.
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Aabidah 08/04/2020

Best suggestion is to order different sizes so you know which one is best for you. I have always had problems with size charts for bras. I measure at 42 DDD and tried the 3x,4x and 5x. I felt the 5x gave me the best fit. I wear an xl shirt. I am so thankful to find these bras. They are the closest to the Original Genie Bras that I have worn for over 10 years. The newer genie bras are terrible quality and sized differently than they used to be. These are easy to put on, comfortable and keep me cool. Would highly recommend.

Dua 04/02/2020

I just received these today so I can't speak to the longevity but I'm impressed so far. They seem to be very comfortable. Fit as expected. I've been wearing a 2X but I've lost 20 pounds so I ordered XL. The pads are kinda small and triangle shaped. But they didn't seem to be an issue once I tried them on with my t-shirt, it wasn't noticeable. They seem fairly supportive for a casual bra.

Warda 22/12/2019

fit perfect!, 3X but package says XXXL, which actually is 3X note this so others wont be confused by whats online and what you actually receive. i put it on and it fits perfect comfortable and soft material. i am between 216-220 lbs 5 ft 6" and my girls shrink with weight loss, i was always small chested most of my life. due to health reasons and age i have to now wear a bra. but im enjoying this. thanks. im using the pads enclosed. be sure to measure yourself and check the size chart tends to run small even with XXXL so go one size up. you wont be sorry. enjoy!

Naila 21/09/2019

I hate bras and only wear them b/c of societal expectations. These are the most comfortable and flattering bras (including demisoles) I have ever found. (I do not need push up or wire bras though). In my current job, I have to be careful not to show any cleavage, lest a loose-fitting blouse slip down, and these bras give me confidence that most of my cleavage won't show, while giving me ultra comfort. They run small in sizing, but I do have a broad back. I went 1 size up from the recommendation, and am going to try the next size up. Highly recommend.

Waqas 18/06/2019

I wear a 38c so I bought a large and I think these are perfect. They are snug but that is something I expect in a sports bra. Easy to get on and easy to get off. I don’t feel like my “stuff” is going to fall right out of them. These are super soft and breathable. Only thing that I think could be better is the padding inserts. Those work and I can wear them out and it looks like I am wearing a regular bra but they do slide some and with out a shirt on they look like nursing pads from breast feeding days. I will buy more.

Laiba 01/04/2019

I like to wear these wireless sport bras under oversized t-shirts or sweatshirts when I am home or running quick errands. They are more comfortable than my underwire bras. I Wear a 34D and I ordered a large as I did not want the band to fit Too snug. I should have gone up to an Xl because I like a looser fit than even the large size is providing but they’ll do until I reorder. The pads tend to push your breasts together and feels tight but I will probably remove the pads occasionally because that is an option I like to have. The band does ride up now and then which can be annoying to keep pulling it down but that is the nature of these type sport bras I think.

Sehar 18/01/2019

OMG WOW this is so perfect!! So comfortable!!
Absolutely LOVE. I’m going to buy more!

Arooba 29/12/2018

I am so happy with these. I searched and search. I bought and tossed many. I will order these again. It's like not wearing a bra at all. And if you are large breasted you will not get that horrible "uni boob" feeling. This bra keeps them separated. Even in doing yard work, planting flowers and bushes - they do not ride up and keep their shape, comfort and placement. I have one that I took the pads out to wear around the house and they keep their support and shape.

Inaya 27/12/2018

Love these. The bras have a nice stretch, but are supportive. Note - I did not buy these to run or play sports. I bought these to wear while around the house, yoga, and walking. These are perfect. They have pads that can be removed if you like. I usually do remove the pads. I slept in mine a few nights to test for comfort and really liked them. I'm like many women and remove the bra as soon as possible after work. I wanted something that I could wear that didn't pinch or confine too much. I am a 38DD and bought the extra large. They fit really well. I will definitely buy these again.

Zainab 24/09/2018

I love these. The reviews said they run small. I would ordinarily take a large (42 D) so I ordered an XXX-Large for sleeping and they are great. The "inserts" give a little support but not so much you notice you are wearing something. The fact that you get 3 is a bonus. You will always have one to wear while the others are in the wash. With the larger size I find them easy to get on and off and they are very comfortable. I am glad I got these!

Fabeeha 12/07/2018

I love, love, love these bras. I bought some that were similar from a different company and the insides shift in the wash. These do not. The pads stay put. Yay! I love them so much I ordered more in a different color set. I typically wear a 36 or 38 C. These are a size Large. I don't think I would wear these for jogging and expect much support, but for what I use them for---low impact exercise and pickleball, they are fantastic. There aren't any annoying tags. They are pretty much the only bras I wear, all day, every day, for everything.

Maha Zain 19/06/2018

I have fallen in love with these bras so much that I plan on ordering another set. First off, I never expected them to be so comfortable with the price being so reasonable. The padding is great especially if you have that protruding nipple that always appears at the wrong time. No wire but great support.

Maryam 10/02/2018

These are great. Very comfortable, and good for sleeping in/ if you don't feel like wearing a wire bra. I'm a 36D and a large fits great. Although, I honestly think it it would fit smaller or larger. The size is less for cup size, more for chest circumference.

Zubia 14/01/2018

I bought these to use while I was breast feeding because the underwire bras were painful! Super comfy and decent support. I normally wear a 38dd and I purchased the 3xl size in these and they fit perfect.

Aiza 30/12/2017

Finally! A comfortable soft bra that actually holds up flesh in the right place. I am a 34DD, and I am DONE with underwires, done. I have spent a small fortune trying to find a good soft bra that does not make me feel sloppy in public, and gives some definition and support. This is the one. Just bought 3 more. Never going back to the cage. The girls have suffered long enough.

Mirha 24/10/2017

i love them... very comfortable... i normally wear a size 38DD or 40D and i bought the XXX... these dont hug like most sports bras... girls arent bunched up together... i honestly could have probably gone with the XX just for a tad bit extra support, but they will probably shrink a tad after washing a few times... material is very soft and does not rub... colors are true to image... i plan to buy more soon...

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