2G 3G 4G Mobile Phone Signal Booster 900/2100MHz GSM WCDMA for sale in Pakistan

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Weight: 1,319.00 g

Long Range Mobile in Lahore Long Range Mobile in Karachi Long Range Mobile in Islamabad Buy original Long Range Mobile in Pakistan Long Range Mobile in Peshawar. Mobile phone signal booster in Pakistan gives the ultimate solution in any type of area where the cellular communications cannot work properly because of the weak signals. The cell phone signal repeater in Pakistan is easy installation & operation, no interference, and built-in indoor antenna. Cell phone signal booster antenna in Pakistan can easily improve the environment of indoor electromagnetism, & reduce cell phone radiations and protect the cellular battery life. A mobile phone repeater in Pakistan is excellent for home, house and office use. It is an ideal device that boosts mobile phone signal effectively. This GSM signal booster extends signal range, reduce the dropped calls and increase the data rates. 

A mobile phone signal booster antenna in Pakistan is the excellent device that helps to boost the cellular signal of companies. This device is highly effective in the places where cellular companies are facing the issues of weak signals. Now you can use this 3g signal booster in Pakistan to boost the quality of weak cellular signals. The overall fitting of this 4g signal booster in Pakistan is very easy. Mobile Signal Booster works with the fixed antenna with definitely no intrusion. In addition, you can use this 2g signal booster in Pakistan to minimize the harmful radiations of the cellular devices. This mobile signal catcher device in Pakistan is best suitable for office, home, and underground areas. 

How Mobile Signal Booster Solves Mobile Connection Problem?

Mobile phone signal booster in Pakistan is the best way to get the mobile signals at your place. This mobile signal repeater kit boosts all type of mobile signals such as SMS, GSM phone calls, 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE mobile internet and Wifi. Every mobile phone booster in Pakistan is easy to use a device of compact size. By ordering a signal booster in Pakistan you’ll get a whole kit. 

Features of Mobile Phone Signal Booster Antenna

  • Enhance the transmission quality
  • Longer battery life
  • Improves the signal power
  • Minimizes cellular radiations
  • Overall fitting and working of this device is really easy

Installation of Cell Phone Signal Booster

  • Fix the antenna on some higher place & point towards the signal booster
  • Attach the internal antenna to the internal dock with the help of wire
  • Attach the external antenna to the external dock with the help of wire also
  • Plug the adapter into the electrical socket

Technical Support of Mobile Signal Booster Repeater

  • Electronic power control
  • Covering area: 200 square feet
  • Can be used in home, office and underground areas
  • best cell phone signal booster
Mobile Signal Booster Includes
  • Booster
  • Indoor antenna
  • External antenna
  • Attaching Cox cable
  • Cable to connect the booster to the internal antenna
  • Power cable
  • User manual
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Size & Weight
Size: 10.2 in x 7.9 in x 1.0 in
Weight: 1,319.00 g
General Specification
1. Network Type = GSM 900Hz / DCS 1800MHz / WCDMA 2100MHz , 2G , 3G , 4G
2. Network Details = GSM 900Hz / DCS 1800MHz / WCDMA 2100MHz , GSM , WCDMA , LTE
3. Frequency Range = Up link:890~915MHz /1710~1785 MHz /1920~1990 MHz. Down link: 935~960MHz /1805~1880 MHz / 2110~2180MHz
4. Application = Office, factory, meeting room, market, public , Indoor , Outdoor
5. Frequency Range Uplink = 890~915MHz /1710~1785 MHz /1920~1990 MHz
6. Frequency Range Downlink = 935~960MHz /1805~1880 MHz / 2110~2180MHz
7. Gain (dBi) = 65 dBi
8. Output Power = -W
9. Electromagnetic Compatibility = ETS 300609-4
10. I/O Impedance = 50 ohms
11. Power Adapter = US Plugs
12. Antenna = Built-in
13. Quantity = 1 set
14. Material = Aluminum alloy
15. Form Color = Signal Booster Kit - Blue (EU Plug)
16. Max. Coverage Square Meters = 500~3000 square meter
17. Noise Figure (Db) = <=4dB
Other Features
Packing List 1 x Signal booster 1 x Indoor ceiling omni-directional antenna 1 x 10m Connecting cable 1 x Ceiling Antenna with 3 Meters Cable 1 x EU Plug power adapter 1 x English user manual
Other Features Support GSM / DCS / WCDMA 900~1800~2100MHz; Output power: 30dBm
Waqas 04/04/2020

It’s simple enough if you know where a cell tower is but the length of the power cord was half the battle. All in all I went from 1 to 4 bars close to the signal antenna and on the far side Of my house through 3 or so walls went from no signal to 2 bars.

Jamil 29/01/2020

Works really well!

Ghazanfar 19/12/2019

I went from zero to sometimes 3 bars in my building to 4 to 5 bars with this. Home run!

Rizwan 18/09/2019

I live in the country and have poor signal . One bar sometimes no service other times . Now I have three to four bars .

Nazim 17/07/2019

Works very well, from random cell signal to 4 bars!

Qadeer 12/05/2019

even without installing the outside antenna gained a bar 2 when close to it

Bilal 01/02/2019

It was a pain to install but it works great we had 1 bar now we have 3 bars! We love it!

Mehmood 19/01/2019

Went from no service to 3 bars decently works best in the room with the indoor reciever well worth the money

Rashid 12/12/2018

Pointed in direction of nearest tower went from one bar signal to 4. Easy to install

Masood 21/11/2018

Haven't tried tech support. Worked well from the start. Easy to install.

Daniyal 02/09/2018

Installed on a home with aluminum siding and a metal roof, cell reception was very poor, after installing reception is excellent.
I'm impressed with the ease of install and the enormous difference in cell service. Time will tell if repeater lasts. The outdoor antenna seems to be the same on much higher prices units.

Haroon 05/06/2018

I live in a metal house and cell service has always been a problem.I have tried two of the much more expensive units with no luck.I decided to try this because nothing to loose.I used google earth to get the exact bearing on my cell tower sixteen miles away.Set it up and i was amazed. With my cheep LG tracfone i get 3G and four bars of signal.Highly recommend this unit.

Basit 23/02/2018

Brought it to my cabin and tested it. Hooked a 1500wat inverter to a battery with a small solar panel hooked to the battery. Had to go2 bends down river to check or make a call. Now I can sit in my cabin and receive a call from my little girl when she misses me.

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